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Water reduction project takes off

London Stansted Airport has carried out a programme of leak detection and pipe repair that has reduced water consumption on the site by nearly a third and water use in 2011 fell by 205m litres compared with the year before. Sustainable Business finds out more.

Time to focus on black carbon?

Air pollution is recognised as a risk to human health. But, says Jim Mills, different strategies for measuring Black Carbon could improve lives - and help the fight against climate change

Driving ahead: The case for metrics

A single piece of data has helped to transform the European motor industry. But, says Ramon Arratia, it isn't a complete solution

Rising to the Challenge: As If People Matter, Part 3

In the third piece in our five-part series 'As If People Matter', Michael Townsend discusses the qualities that business leaders must show to shine in a changing world

Sustainable aviation: Flying's future

The development of aviation through the 20th century was inspiring. But, says Peter McManners, greener air vehicles must launch a Third Golden Age

Shale gas: Between a rock and a hard place

Could shale gas production make an important contribution to the future UK power supply? The prospect of hydrofracking alarms environmentalists. But, says Rob Bell, politicians will find it difficult to resist

Natural gas: a viable low-carbon solution?

According to the gas industry, natural gas is the perfect bridge fuel to civilisation's sustainable future - solving peak oil and helping the battle against climate change. David Strahan weighs up the evidence

Cemex invests in alternative fuels

Cemex UK has invested heavily on improving its environmental performance, with the focus now turning to alternative fuels

FedEx bids to improve community relations

With its new environmental programme, the global giant FedEx intends to bring change to the company and communities

McDonald's commits to sustainable beef supply chain

McDonald's has committed to improving the sustainability of its beef production - and much more besides

Go-Ahead takes steps to reduce carbon footprint

As a leading public transport company Go-Ahead has a big carbon footprint. But the firm is taking positive steps to reduce it

Water efficiency at heart of Heineken's sustainability focus

As part of its sustainability agenda, Heineken International aims to cut its emissions and water use - and empower local communities

Diageo invest in green production plants

By investing in environmentally sustainable production, Diageo has shown its commitment to a green vision of the future

Whitbread focuses on energy efficiency

Armed with a new list of expert recommendations, Whitbread is aiming to lead the hospitality sector towards sustainability

Green construction in action: Library of Birmingham

It has been hailed as a people's palace - and one of the most significant cultural projects undertaken in the UK for years that is set to transform the lives of millions. As the striking new Library of Birmingham takes shape, Simon Dingle explains how a clear sustainability plan was the key to Carillion's successful bid to become Birmingham City Council's construction partner on the project

Waste shows its potential

SMEs can benefit both economically and environmentally from waste. Ian Goodfellow explains how the waste management industry, the Responsibility Deal and new regulation are all making a difference

Connect, encourage: As If People Matter, Part 2

In the second of our five-part series 'As If People Matter', Michael Townsend explains how engaging people is vital in making a successful and lasting transition towards sustainable business and delivering tangible business benefits

A people-centred approach: As If People Matter, Part 1

In this, the first of a five-part series, 'As If People Matter', covering all perspectives of a people-centred approach to sustainability in business, Michael Townsend explains how the strategy links to superior business - and economic - performance

Counting the cost of mandatory reporting

Mandatory carbon reporting is looming - but opinion remains divided over whether this additional regulation is an effective way of driving emissions down or just extra red tape. Mike Scott reports

Surviving creative destruction

The world is going through a major economic transition in which capitalism must evolve. Michael Townsend considers the €~strategic icebergs€™ on the horizon €" and how businesses should respond

Soap suds and savings

Washrooms can account for a significant percentage of water use in offices. But, say Ann Durrant and Alexandra McKay, companies can reduce their impact on this natural resource and save money by switching from lotion to foam soaps and changing their employees handwashing technique

Natural wonder: Biodiversity strategies in action

Urban areas can provide homes for many species and plants that bring a multitude of benefits to the population. Dr Richard Delahay and Mark Line, explain why companies should strive to contribute to a richer environment by enhancing the biodiversity

10 reasons NOT to write a CSR report

The pressure to report may be increasing - but that doesn't mean your company has to jump into the reporting pool. Elaine Cohen outlines ten valid arguments for the debut CSR report to be put on hold

Solving the supply-demand conundrum

As the UK's energy market changes to answer a complex set of challenges, how should energy buyers respond? Should they stick with traditional procurement strategies focused on lowest price outcomes, or consider alternative approaches to deliver long-term value-for-money? Sid Cox explains the issues and suggests some answers

The water-energy connection

The close links between water and energy mean that efficiencies made in one sector have a beneficial effect in the other. Businesses and investors must be alert to the fact, says Mike Scott.

The sky's the limit

From New Year's Day, airlines operating in Europe became subject to emissions restrictions - now the EU's controversial new trading scheme has come into force. How, asks Mike Scott, does it affect the industry?

Visions of the future

What will the future be like in terms of consumer lifestyles in 2025? And how will these be affected by sustainability issues? The FutureScapes project aims to find out. Chris Clifton reports

Sam Caglione

Erik Jaques meets Sam Caglione, founder and CEO of Dogfish Head brewery

Climate change and population growth spurring on Anglian Water

Sustainability has become key to Anglian Water's investment decision-making as it looks to minimise environmental impacts

Bulmers aims to brew a better future

Bulmers is supporting the campaign for the restoration of England's lost hedgerows as part of its sustainability programme

Sony pictures a zero carbon future

Improving the environmental performance and energy efficiency of its products has put Sony on the path to sustainability

Canon tones up its environmental message

Canon has been going green for years. And now the company has cracked the problem of recycling toner bottles

Tetra Pak promises a more sustainable future

Environmental ambitions have been placed at the very heart of the global packaging firm Tetra Pak's business

Samantha Heath

Erik Jaques meets Samantha Heath, the chief executive of London Sustainability Exchange

Interview: Bob Hertzberg

Erik Jaques meets Bob Hertzberg, former Speaker of the California Assembly and co-founder Renewable Capital

Ambitious plans for canned fish

Seafood company John West is determined to continue putting sustainable fishing practices at the heart of its business

Jaguar drives forward on innovation

A business scorecard with innovation targets is central to Jaguar Land Rover's plans for a leaner and greener future

The Lost Deal

The Copenhagen summit failed to achieve anything substantial - and sent out the wrong message to businesses around the world. Danny Stevens looks at what went wrong at COP15 - and the economic consequences of failure

'We create innovation - and when it works big guys do the same'

As the chief executive of Good Energy, the UK's only supplier of electricity solely from 100% renewable sources, Juliet Davenport is on a mission. She tells Erik Jaques why she's frustrated by government policy - and how she hopes the company can play a major role in moving the nation towards its targets

'More difference than any other vote'

The next general election promises a breakthrough for the Green Party. And its leader for England and Wales, MEP Caroline Lucas, may be on her way to a seat in the Commons. Erik Jaques meets the controversial politician

Power is not an end. It's a means to an end

Zac Goldsmith, the billionaire's son and former Ecologist editor, has his sights set on becoming a Conservative MP at the next general election. And, as he tells Tom Idle, he has no intention of toning down his strong and convincing views on the environment for the sake of political expediency

Auntie's Vision

BBC Worldwide, the corporation's commercial arm, has taken its environmental impacts seriously for over a decade. And its headquarters and ethical policy are impressive. But, as Tom Idle hears, there's still room for improvement

Training is vital to building a 'sustainable mentality'

Sustainable development means taking into account the social, economic and environmental impacts of business activities, not only for the present but also for future generations. Although many business leaders have already started to think about taking a greener approach, they often fail to realise the significant social impact their business can have both in the UK and globally.

Everything's gone green

Commercial Group has a reputation for tough environmental standards and investment in areas of the company requiring most improvement. Co-founder Simone Mann tells Tom Idle how the targets are met and how the company has grown

'We want to go bigger and faster - it's never enough'

From its accidental beginnings to a multimillion-dollar turnover, Terracycle is an unorthodox model of a company that took a multi-tracked road, including recyclable pouches and a reality TV series. Its co-founder, Tom Szaky, tells Erik Jaques how making deals along the way opened up further opportunities to grow

Jaguar Land Rover aims to cut vehicle impacts

Hybrid technology and compact vehicles look set to give Land Rover the edge as the company strives for greater fuel efficiency, writes Tom Idle

Steel giant keen to push the boundaries

Cutting emissions and maintaining an unwavering commitment to corporate responsibility remain vital to ArcelorMittal, writes Tom Idle

Breakfast cereal maker backs tree planting

A campaign to encourage people to plant native trees throughout the UK has won the support of muesli maker Dorset Cereals, writes Tom Idle

'We're going to try to be disruptive in everything we do'

Erik Jaques meets Kevin Surace, founder, Serious Materials

"It should be a green economy that Dr King would be proud of"

Erik Jaques meets Van Jones, US environmental advocate, civil rights activist and attorney

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