A manageable recovery

ESI, a member of the Concentric Group, has launched WaterSense — a service designed to reduce water bills in industries where water usage is particularly heavy, such as food, beverage and pharmaceuticals processing, textiles, paper and board manufacture.

WaterSense uses accurate, non-intrusive flow measurement technologies to determine the exact water consumption of a business. By analysing captured flow data, ESI is able to confirm if the charges levied by water providers is correct. Where charges are inconsistent with actual usage, ESI negotiates with the water authority on the customer’s behalf to deliver savings by recovering costs on historic overcharges and agreeing the basis of future charges.

The WaterSense service operates very simply. ESI’s experienced flow engineers conduct a comprehensive site survey and install equipment without interruption to customer personnel or plant operations. Flow data is then downloaded for analysis and assessment of potential savings. Results are reported to the customer and a savings recovery plan agreed. The service is suited to heavy water usage businesses of all sizes and eliminates the need for investment in specialised equipment or personnel.

Cost savings

A process plant’s expenditure on water consists of primary and secondary costs. By accurately providing any inconsistency between the incoming volume of water and the amount discharged, WaterSense can realise primary cost savings. Reduced water consumption may also deliver plant-wide savings in secondary cost areas.

Primary costs are clearly visible through bills and other associated charges levied by water authorities of third parties for the supply and disposal of water.

Secondary costs are less apparent and often overlooked. However, a reduction in water usage or process efficiency improvements can have a favourable impact in this area. Cost savings can be achieved in this area through reduced expenditure on pumps, pipework, refurbishment and replacement costs, plant maintenance, consumable materials and chemical treatments.

There is no upfront fee for the confidential WaterSense service as ESI receives a fixed percentage of any financial saving realised. Where water authority charges are proven accurate, customers benefit from verification through an independent, measurement-based assessment.

ESI continuously monitors the legislative environment and considers how its flow measurement capabilities can best be employed to help customers benefit financially from the latest government initiatives on water consumption and efficiency.

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