Ahead of the curve: How the circular economy can unlock business value

4th November 2014

What is old is new again - but better. The current topic of the circular economy takes familiar concepts like life cycle assessment and closed loop and brings them together in an integrated way not seen before.

In this paper you will find examples of how companies are participating in the circular economy. As expected, well-established companies are developing specific projects. These will resonate with many of our clients who may be undertaking their own initiatives to test the waters. Then you have disruptive new companies that are creating entire business models on circular economy principles. Talk about being forward-looking and betting the bank.

This paper discusses the evolution of the circular economy and outlines benefits that companies participating in the circular economy receive. But with all things there are challenges. Change is never easy and each company will face its own unique challenges. Yet we find similarities in those challenges and explore them. As an antidote we provide practical guidance, which will take work to implement but is worth it.

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