In its new strategy published today, the company will drive for ‘operational excellence and performance improvement’ through its new sustainability and innovation strategy, which focuses on ‘creating more value from fewer resources’.

Through its streamlined strategy the company will also aim to produce 20% of its revenue from its eco-premium products by 2020.

Speaking to edie, Akzonobel’s director of sustainability, Andre Veneman, says the new focus builds on a 10 year sustainability foundation which has looked at improving all aspects of the business, from compliance issues to innovation.

Over the 10 year journey, Akzonobel’s review of its business has enabled the company to focus on the two key areas of sustainability that it believes will lead to improvements for the business as well as the environment.

“This 25% target is realistic and it is looking at how we can move to renewable raw materials. Today we are already using 10% renewable raw materials in our product portfolio but we have looked at how we can speed this up.

“Today we are using 33% renewable energy and we are also looking at how we can accelerate and speed up the deployment and use of more renewable energy”.

Veneman stressed the importance of collaborating with customers and how businesses need to think across the value chain in terms of improving processes and creating a more sustainable product right through its lifecycle.

“When you start to work right across the value chain and you start effective collaborations with suppliers, everybody begins working differently. Working with customers who are open to change also opens up many opportunities which accelerate the pace of a sustainable product”.

In January, Akzonobel joined the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), a global coalition of companies and shipping leaders from around the world.

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Leigh Stringer

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