Lightfoot has worked with customers including Autoglass, Aggregate Industries and South West Water to save between 12% to 15% on driving efficiency costs. Beginning in February, the new scheme aims to incentivise efficiency further by offering rewards for drivers who reduce accidents, lower fuel consumption and carbon emissions and reduce engine wear.

The firm’s managing director, Mark Roberts said: “Lightfoot helps fleets save up to 20% on fuel and emissions while cutting accidents by as much as 60%. This is all thanks to the hard work of their drivers. 

“We want to recognise and reward those doing their job brilliantly. We see Lightfoot as the ‘driver champion’ and our belief is that great driving deserves to be rewarded. That’s why we are proud to be partnering with Allianz Insurance Plc to launch ‘Lightfoot Fleet Driver of the Week’.”

The scheme places drivers into weekly prize draws for spa trips and supercar events, providing they can hit efficiency-related KPIs. New rewards and categories for the drivers will be introduced over time to keep the gamification aspect fresh.

Lightfoot has championed fuel-efficient fleet management in the past. It has pioneered hybrid and electric motor technology though its Ashwoods Electric Motors division, which designs smaller and more efficient motors for market deployment.

The work produced by Lightfoot is a welcome addition to an otherwise struggling sector. Despite a predicted rise in electric vehicles (EVs), transport emissions rose from 72 million tonnes in 1970 to 117 million tonnes in 2014, growing as a proportion of overall UK emissions from 11% to 28%. All other sectors managed a decreased in emissions.

Bike bonus

More companies are turning to gamification in order to promote sustainability agendas to staff and consumers. Another initiative that rewards people for the efficiency of their travel is the German-based Radbonus app.

Radbonus encourages people to cycle to work rather than driving, offering discounts on certain stores and products after cycling a certain number of kilometres. The app is currently connected to 15 ‘prize-giving’ brands, including the Body Shop. The scheme was listed as the “app of the month” for February by Technology Review.

Research from Europe’s independent consultancy the Oeko-Institut suggested that a 2% increase in bicycle traffic could save 2.36m tonnes of CO2 in Germany annually.

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