Bagging extra space

Rosedale's multibasket strainers and bag filters offer a variety of flow capacities. And the range is growing.

Rosedale’s growing range of multi-basket strainers and bag filters means that housings are now available carrying from two to 17 strainers or filter bags handling nominal flows from 1,500 to 13,200l/min, each size occupying the minimum space relative to flow.

When used as strainers, the housings carry stainless steel baskets perforated from 1.5mm to 6.35mm diameter with three intermediate sizes. The baskets can be lined with graded stainless-steel mesh for finer cleanliness levels.

Used in filter mode, the housing carries stainless-steel baskets designed to hold disposable or cleanable industry standard size one or two filter bags. The Rosedale catalogue details a range of filter bag materials with absolute ratings down to one micron if required.

Any of these can be used in multi-bag filters to give users the best compatibility with the fluid being handled.

Housings are available in carbon steel or stainless steel with flanged pipe sizes from 51mm to 305mm covered by seven sizes.

BSP connections can be specified for the two smaller pipe sizes. The standard pressure rating for all housings is 10 bar but higher ratings are available.

The filters stand firmly on four legs and the inlet and outlet pipe connections are in line below the main body of the housing for easy installation.

Minimum pressure

Unfiltered fluid is forced up the inlet pipe within the housing and is distributed evenly into the open tops of bags or baskets before passing out through the media to the outlet port, creating a minimum pressure drop across the unit.

Because fluid flow is from inside to outside of the bags or baskets, two-stage straining or filtering can be achieved by fitting inner basket / bags to provide coarser pre-filtering thus extending the service intervals of the main finer media.

Eyebolts which retain the housing cover, are removed and refitted without the need for tools and the cover itself is raised and swung away on an over-arm making easy access for servicing the baskets or bags.

As with all Rosedale filters, these can be duplexed for continuous filtration without shut-down for servicing.

Two filters have common pipework with a central changeover valve, which isolates the dirty housing for servicing while simultaneously bringing the clean stand-by filter on line.

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