Biological wastewater treatment systems

Bio Series is the latest in biological treatment systems and is designed specifically to deal with some of the toughest wastewater applications.

The biological treatment process, developed by Hydroscape Ltd, turns organic contaminants such as oil, grease, herbicides and pesticides, into carbon dioxide and water through the process of biological digestion.

Bio Series provides lower maintenance requirements with the added benefit of low running costs and easy operation. The system works by the filtered liquid entering the first chamber of the stainless steel bio-reaction tank where solids are precipitated out and the microbiological digestion begins. Water flows through the media and through a tortuous baffle path to ensure maximum contact with the microbe population. Microbes treat the water by consuming a broad range of organic constituents, turning them into carbon dioxide and water.

The system incorporates an aeration procedure that quietly injects large amounts of oxygen in the form of micro-bubbles to maximise the amount of dissolved oxygen into the water.

Once the water is biologically treated, the system delivers it back through a closed loop washing system.

It is believed legislation will shortly be introduced requiring all wastewater from non-domestic environments to be treated prior to disposal. Bio Series is ideally suited for those operating in the public sector, engineering, agriculture, transportation, quarry operation, construction and plant hire and almost anywhere the treatment of wastewater prior to disposal is necessary.

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