"Next Generations"

The Brundtland report not only introduced sustainable development but also the consideration of the "future generations" in our actions. The report says "Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

A sense of "this generation versus the future generations" is created and believed in. I was always perplexed how the notion of "next generations" found a wide acceptance in our society. It implies long time stretches between this generation and the "next" generations. However once you look around there are many generations existing simultaneously. Aren't the newborns and even teenagers already the next generation for the middle age people?If so why do we not even consider that and jump into the "unknown and far in the future, unimaginable" generations to come. I asked that in my sustainability class, did not get an answer. I do object the concept. 

The use of the word "future" may have psychological implications, especially when we are talking about potential harm our actions may cause to these aftercomers. It may somehow be easier to bear some of the consequences of our wrongdoings, because we are talking about people who will live far far far in the future. And who knows if the world will still exist?? Then it involves somehow less guilt and caution, if we use toxic cleaners, if we contaminate our waters, if we destroy the wildlife, if we do not care about our environment, not recycle, not reuse, not educate ourselves how we can be more conscious consumers. The pollution level on our waters, precious drinkable waters, is worsening everyday. Do we do enough to stop to lessen our consumption footprints? 

If everybody pays a little attention and bring awareness to our daily habits and actions, we may make this world beautiful not only for "future" generations, but for the very generations we co-exist right now. There are the generations who know us, so that we can be judged by them on a personal basis. 

So please care about our environment now. It is also good for our generation.
By Tuana Papile,
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