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The installation of wind power reaching 6GW, Edienews 20 January, has been greeted with the usual fanfare of "sufficient to power 3 million homes". A total travesty of the actual facts. To begin with, 6GW of INSTALLED CAPACITY, means in reality an average output of only about 25% of this value (being generous, in 2011 it was less than this)

Even at maximum output, 6GW provides only 2KW per home, BUT the average provision will be about 0.5KW.   It is a complete misrepresentation to pretend that any amount of wind power will be generated by a specified number of turbines at any time. As mentioned before, generation by turbines is chaotic.

The true statement would read "averaged over the year, the output from an installed capacity of 6GW of wind power, would be sufficient to provide 3,000,000 homes with an average of 12KWh per day". But, readers, you will never see it!!!

The whole wind scenario depends on the availability of reliable alternative generators being ready to step in, possibly at short notice. As a consequence, such generators have, in practice to be running full time, at low power, ready to fire up to take the demand. This is a very inefficient way to run generators.

But it is extremely doubtful that our Parliamentary masters realise this.

The Germans, however, have seen how unreliable the wind can be. On January 27th 2008 at 1500hrs, the installed capacity of 23,200MW, (23GW), was generating only 1MW. This does not have to go on very long, if the power is needed, for power failures to occur.

"Wind man speak with forked tongue"

Richard Phillips

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