The confusing phrase; "Global Warming"

It is very unfortunate, that the phrase indicating the average increase in the global atmosphere, i.e "global warming" became a very popular term, and has been used, erroneously pointing at the change in the global climate. This innocent usage started with the well-documented receding of the glaciers all over the world, like Ands, Mount Kilimanjaro and in Himalayas. Global warming has been further used referring to the increase in the areas of desserts and drying of the water bodies; it could be detected in the scenes of the arctic life, and the melting of the ice devastating the life of the indigenous inhabitants. Even though the term helped explaining the effects of the increase of the overall temperature on certain geographies, it failed to explain that this effect can go either way.

The phrase "global warming" is misunderstood by some people every time there is a decrease in the temperature due to the weather conditions. Cold as well as warm occurs due to a change in the global climate. It is misleading to use global "warming" as a general occurrence.

So it is essential to use the phrase Climate Change when what we actually mean climate change (that is when we are not specifically referring to the overall increase in the global temperature). Otherwise we may unnecessarily put a barrier to people who want to learn about and understand what is happening in terms of our climate so that they can do their share and be more conscious of their choice of life style, and adopt some or all of the three R's, namely reduce, recycle and reuse. These people should not be discouraged, and a wrong phrase should not be a hurdle for them and for anybody to base their judgment on.

We need to use our energy in productive ways and not endlessly refer to a wrong phrase; that may give us license to not do anything for our environment.

So please let's remind each other of the right language.
Let's use the phrase "Climate Change".

Tuana Papile
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