The stamp of sustainability - fit for a Prince?

Is the supermarket price war turning into an ethical battlefield?

Earlier this year I interviewed formidable food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart who is not one to mince his words when voicing his thoughts on supermarket supply chain transparency - or rather, the lack of it.

Ok, we need to chill out about climate pressures

Our natural response to gradual shifts in climate is to get angry, it seems. Scientists are warning that as our world becomes hotter, we will turn to acts of violence - against ourselves, against governments, against society.

A pulled hamstring too far for WRAP?

One thing is for sure - Liz Goodwin is putting a brave face on today's announcement that her organisation bore perhaps the biggest brunt of cuts, waste-wise, in this year's Spending Review.

Why make hard work of the case for waste?

Owen Paterson has been nesting in his position as Environment Secretary for the past eight months. The signs weren't good as news broke of his appointment, and those concerns were pretty much well-founded as the Conservative MP got to grips with his portfolio.

The waste landscape is in danger of splintering itself

You'll have to forgive me. I've been up since 5am. Seventeen hours later of sore feet and solid networking, I am starting to slowly dissolve into the hotel carpet. But this is the first day of Sustainability Live, organised by our own Faversham House, and my head is buzzing like a firefly.

I'm taking a punt on horsemeat as our sustainability saviour

We may have unwittingly backed a winner in horsemeat, you know. I’m thinking sustainable consumption here. In this era of radical transparency, such a scandal is raising serious questions among the public at large over not only what they eat, but where the food on their plate originates from.

Nirvana: smells like waste prevention?

Consultation on a waste prevention plan for England is finally underway today (11 March) as Defra publishes its call for evidence to inform this important policy driver.

Durability by design: why our emotions should be built to last

What touches us on a deeper level could soon unlock some of the toughest challenges we face around sustainable consumption. So enter the latest concept to take flight in this field – emotionally durable design. A creative pitch that will tug on your heartstrings.

Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind

Imagine two circles – that’s cradle-to-cradle. Imagine one circle – that’s the circular economy. Imagine a circle within a circle – that’s resource efficiency. At its simplest level, understanding the difference between these three schools of thought can be sketched out along these flow lines.