British children most energy wasteful

Britons know more about climate change than their European counterparts according to new research launched today (October 19) to mark the beginning of Energy Saving Week.

The survey was launched at the start of energy saving week this week and polled 6000 adults and children across four European countries.

It revealed the British know more about climate change than the French, Germans and Spanish.

When asked a series of six true or false questions as part of a Climate Change IQ test – on subjects ranging from the causes to the effects of climate change – more than two thirds of British people polled (68%) answered their questions correctly, a higher proportion than their European neighbours.

But while British adults may know more about climate change, their kids lag behind those of other European countries when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint.

British kids were the top of the four countries for admitting energy waste coming top for wasting energy in general (36%), leaving the lights on when they leave a room (44%), and four in 10 (40%) owning up to using the most electrical gadgets of any family member.

Energy and climate change minister, Joan Ruddock MP, said: “I’m not surprised British people know more about climate change because we are leading the world in cutting carbon emissions to prevent global warming.

“This effort puts the UK in a strong position ahead of the Copenhagen summit negotiations in December.

“With climate change on the national curriculum, British children will get a better understanding as to why it’s important to switch off lights and computers when they’re not in use.

“Considering around 40% of carbon pollution is a result of personal choices, there is huge potential for everyone to start bucking the trend. Energy Saving Week is a great place to start.”

Luke Walsh

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