Business giants launch new SDG campaign to raise awareness on ‘World’s To-Do List’

The "Business Avengers" of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the likes of Google, Unilever and Mars, have launched a new awareness campaign outlining how businesses can deliver tangible actions to build towards the "World's To-Do List".

Business giants launch new SDG campaign to raise awareness on ‘World’s To-Do List’

Giant sticky notes have been plastered across well-known locations to raise awareness

The Business Avengers was launched in 2019. Launched by Project Everyone, it acts as a coalition of 17 global corporates – including Unilever, Nike and Google – worth more than $500bn in revenue, all of which serve to highlight how businesses can amplify actions to help hit the targets of the 17 Sustainable SDGs.

This week, the group will be launching a new awareness campaign developed with Karmarama, part of Accenture Interactive, to raise understanding of how the Global Goals can be achieved.

The group is comprised of businesses including Arm, Avanti, Commvault, Diageo, DPD, Google, Mars, NTT, Reckitt, Salesforce, SAP, Unilever and Wood. The companies represent over 700,000 employees, with a combined social media reach of more than 100 million.

Each company will share actions that they have taken to champion a particular goal, while also announcing their “to-do-list” for the near future.

Google, for example, has launched a $25m Impact Challenge for women and girls to create pathways for a more prosperous future, aligned with Goal 5 – Gender Equality. Elsewhere, Unilever has committed to ensuring that everyone who directly provides goods and services to the company earns at least a living wage or income, by 2030, aligned with Goal 10.

Unilever’s chief sustainability officer Rebecca Marmot said: “The world faces enormous challenges, from runaway climate change to hunger and dire poverty. Interconnected issues that will not be solved unless we take collective action – across businesses, governments and civil society.

“The Global Goals give us a clear framework to help us tackle these challenges, and deliver a thriving planet and society by 2030. We are committed to playing our part, and are hopeful that we’ll collectively cross items off this critically important To-Do list.”

Giant sticky notes have been plastered across well-known locations to raise awareness, including the Southbank Centre in London and other locations across four continents. These have been provided by non-profit partner Arts Help.

Further campaign activity is expected in the build-up to and at COP26 in Glasgow this November.

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