Cat has got the purrfect solution for misting needs

Misting systems are a great way to minimise obnoxious odours. And for odour control specialist EC Chemical Productions, there’s no better system for generating the necessary mist than Cat Pumps’ high pressure plunger pumps.

Misting systems are widely used throughout the wastewater and effluent treatment industry as they are a proven method of minimising obnoxious odours. The effectiveness of the technology is largely dependent on the continuous production of a fine spray of odour neutraliser and water.
In the case of odour control specialist EC Chemical Productions, the mist for its systems is generated by Cat Pumps’ high pressure triplex plunger pumps.
EC Chemical Productions is both a manufacturer of odour neutralisers and the systems for dispersing its neutraliser. The company’s ONT odour neutraliser range uses natural ingredients to produce a non-flammable, water soluble emulsion that is non-corrosive.
When mixed with water and atomised into the air, it destroys common odour and gases by a biodegrading action. Unlike other chemicals, it is not a masking agent.
“The neutraliser attaches to the odour molecules while airborne, knocks them down and biodegrades the odour molecules,” explains EC Chemicals’ Wayne Hunter.

Plunger pump
The true effectiveness of the ONT neutraliser lies in the size of the droplets, which has been calibrated to ensure that the correct amount of product remains within the vicinity of the odorous compounds. Achieving this level correctness is dependent on the dispersion system and to this end EC Chemical Productions designs and manufactures control systems that can be permanently or temporarily installed at effluent treatment plants.
At the heart of each control system is a Cat Pumps 3CP plunger pump. “We use Cat Pumps to pressurise a water and odour neutralising mix, which is then delivered through high pressure misting nozzles up to 1200 psi,” says Hunter.
It is the ability of the Cat Pumps 3CP plunger pump to maintain the constant pressure that contributes to forming the droplet size and effective dispersal into the atmosphere. For many types of pump, this can be a demanding or impossible requirement.
Where an application only requires a relatively small water flow rate it is very difficult for many pumps to deliver low flows at the high pressures required to produce a sufficiently fine mist.
However, that difficulty is easily overcome by the Cat Pumps positive displacement principle. Because there is virtually no slippage in the pumphead, the pumps remain highly efficient even at very low flows.
Cat Pumps offers a range of pumps suitable for misting systems of all sizes. The 3CP that EC Chemical Productions use is a direct drive positive displacement plunger pump capable of delivering pressures up to 2,200psi and contains specially formulated hi-pressure seals together with concentrically ground ceramic plungers to ensure maximum seal life.
The high pressure seals are lubricated and cooled by the pumped liquid and the inlet and discharge valve assemblies are interchangeable for easier maintenance.

Flow pulsations
This triplex pump employs three synchronised plungers, which give it the ability to deliver a predictable and constant flow which is far smoother than that of simplex and duplex pumps. The benefit is that flow pulsations in the discharge line are reduced enormously and the much smoother flow greatly reduces the possibility of system failures caused by excessive pulsation. It is this smooth flow that ensures the constant pressure and performance reliability that EC Chemical Productions requires for its misting systems.
“We have used various other pumps but find that Cat Pumps are more reliable, thus reducing the need of more frequent maintenance and in turn minimising the cost of replacing the pump and motor,” comments Hunter.￿

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