Companies urged to commit to water efficiency

Water companies and Green Deal providers will be offered new guidance encouraging them to work together on joint energy and water efficiency delivery schemes for UK homes.

The guidance, developed by Energy Saving Trust (EST) and Waterwise, highlights why water efficiency in energy saving programmes should now be considered core business.

As the Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) approach their launch dates, both the EST and Waterwise have emphasised the important role that water efficiency has to play in any energy efficiency delivery scheme.

Issues addressed in the guidance include customer engagement, integration of water devices and increasing resilience to climate change.

It also outlines the device options and advice content which can help improve sustainable water use, while also saving money on family energy bills.

Water expert at the EST, Andrew Tucker, says: “This report shows why water should be at the heart of energy efficiency delivery in the UK. There is a great opportunity for Green Deal and ECO schemes to include assistance from the local water company and make water efficiency a prominent part of their Green Deal offering”.

With input from water, energy and housing sector stakeholders, the guidance quantifies that water efficiency will result in household energy bill and carbon savings.

Policy director at Waterwise, Nicci Russell, says: “Water efficiency reduces household bills, carbon emissions and water use. Our Guidance sets out simple measures and advice which can be included in energy efficiency programmes at low cost.

“We recommend that Green Deal Providers, local authorities and housing associations work with water companies to include water efficiency as a key part of the energy efficiency services they offer to households. Including water savings in Green Deal and ECO schemes will result in higher savings and more attractive offer.”

Leigh Stringer

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