Environmental Consultancy Survey 2010/11

Welcome to edie's 2010/11 Environmental Consultancy Survey. The annual survey is unique in that it attempts to gauge opinion on both sides of the fence, quizzing the consultants themselves as well as those who use their services. We look at how the market leaders are rated by their peers and client base, how much those in the sector can expect to earn and ask those in the know to nail their colours to the mast with regards to where they see the environmental sector going in years to come.


Here we look at the bread and butter of the survey and find out how customers and employees rate the companies at the leading edge of environmental consultancy. The results look at both the overall reputation of companies and how they rank in specialised sectors.

List of consultancies (Who's Who)

How do those in the front line - the consultants and their clients - see the environmental industries developing in the future? We asked them to predict growth areas and tell us the sectors they expected to be most involved in.

A complete list of 2010/11 winners

Last year's results can be found at www.edie.net/consultancy-2009