Developing world will need $100bn per year to fight climate change – Gordon Brown

Rich nations should find around $100bn per year to help developing countries cut carbon emissions, reduce deforestation and fight the effects of climate change that is already occurring, according to the British Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown has said that with the Copenhagen climate talks less than six month away that the UK is determined to see an international agreement that puts the world “on a path to avoiding dangerous climate change.”

He told ambassadors, green groups and business organisations gathered in London:

“All countries have to take action, but to help developing countries move to low-carbon and climate-resilient growth we will need a new system of financial support for greener technology, deforestation and adaptation.”

He said this support would have to come from the wealthy countries that were historically the big emitters of CO2 and would need to be somewhere in the region of $100bn per year.

Climate and Energy Secretary Ed Miliband launched the Government’s Roadmap to Copenhagen strategy, saying it was make or break time for our climate and our future.

With less than six months to go before crunch negotiations in Copenhagen, it’s clear that there is no plan B for the planet.

“The world’s got no option but to work together to get a global climate deal that’s ambitious, effective and fair.

“Our climate manifesto puts the British public in the front and centre of our efforts to get a climate deal.

“For people in Britain, getting a global deal now will mean reducing the risk of devastating future climate impacts and the huge extra costs that would bring. But it will also open the door to big new opportunities to create green jobs and economic prosperity.”

Sam Bond

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