NEW FLASH mixers and flocculators from Derby-based Chemineer are eliminating downtime at Bristol Water's Barrow Gurney WTW.

Working in close conjunction with leading process contractor Purac, Chemineer has supplied long-lasting mixers with integral inverter-controlled electric motors, which are maintenance-free and provide better control than mechanical units.

Building on the introduction to the water industry of Chemineer’s MR Mixer, the 12 flocculators and three Flash Mixers at Barrow Gurney directly inject chemicals into the impellers for instantaneous and more efficient dispersion.

Purac’s principal mechanical engineer, Jim Muir, says: “As the water industry looks increasingly for long-term, maintenance-free solutions, it is heartening to see that Bristol Water is leading the way by investing in good quality equipment such as Chemineer’s mixers, which are very efficient, and over time, extremely cost-effective.”

For neutralisation, the Chemineer Flash Mixers at Barrow Gurney quickly disperse acid and alkaline solutions for pH control at the WTW’s main influence.

The Chemineer flocculators are available in a wide variety of impeller options, including lightweight SC-3 hydrofoil for low-shearing in deep water.

At Southern Water, an IBC Mixer from Chemineer is helping to achieve greater consistency with the chemicals it uses for a sludge thickening process at Fairlee WwTW, near Newport on the Isle of Wight.

Previously, the Polyelectrolyte, which is delivered in IBC’s to Southern Water, used to settle, but Chemineer’s clamp-on mixers quickly re-suspend the container’s contents that become settled out during storage.

“The introduction of the Chemineer mixer means that we now benefit from a well-mixed, consistent draw,” says Kevin Houghton, Southern Water’s process section leader, Isle of Wight.

“The Polyelectrolyte no longer thickens up, so we have a much better quality mix to apply to the sludge process.”

Designed for use with industry-standard IBCs of 800 litres and 1,000 litres, Chemineer’s IBC Mixers are also suitable for a wide variety of water industry viscous liquids, highly settled solids and slurries that need to be stirred, agitated, mixed or homogenised.

Significant savings can be made on transfer and cleaning time, and there is an option to add a small hopper to the mixer so that powders can be added if required.

Also benefiting from a folding impeller, the shaft fits through all standard 150mm IBC cap size diameters, after which the unit can be firmly secured in place with fast-action toggle clamps.

The IBC Mixer’s lightweight, stainless steel bridge can be easily lifted and mounted onto the frame of an IBC by two people, or by simple use of a hoist or forklift. As a safety measure, the IBC Mixer includes an interlock, which immediately switches the mixer off if accidentally lifted when in operation.

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