Dutch Government review backs under fire IPCC

Under fire climate scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have been backed by a Dutch Government review into their work.

The work of the IPCC, which was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, has been under fire over allegations relating to its work on climate change and possible manipulation of data.

The investigation also looked into claims that in the IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report, the panel made ‘serious’ errors.

However, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency found ‘no errors’ that would undermine the main conclusions in the 2007 report of the IPCC on possible future regional impacts of climate change.

Released today (July 5) the report said it ‘conclusively’ found climate change was visible in many places around the world, and that these will become more serious under further temperature increases.

However, the report did say ‘the foundation’ for some of the conclusions made by the IPCC ‘could have been made more transparent’.

Furthermore, the report found that, in the IPCC’s summary conclusions, the emphasis had been put on the ‘main negative impacts’ of climate change.

The IPCC’s Martin Parry welcomed the findings: “The review is explicit in its finding that the key conclusions of the IPCC 4th Assessment Report are accurate, correct and supported entirely by the leading science in the field.”

Luke Walsh

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