edie launches free water retail competition guide for businesses

Organisations across the country now have access to a free, in-depth 'edie explains' guide to water retail competition, which is set to come into effect in England this April and will impact all non-domestic water users.

The new edie explains: Water retail competition guide, produced in partnership with edie’s sister title Utility Week, provides an in-depth summary of the government-led strategy which will allow all non-domestic water users to switch suppliers of water retail services.


In England, a proposed reformation of the retail market for non-domestic water customers has been accepted and is due to commence on 1 April 2017. In practice, this means that all businesses, charities and public-sector organisations across the country, no matter their size or level of water consumption, will be able to choose their provider of water and wastewater retail services.

Much of the structure and processes of England’s competitive water retail market will replicate those seen in Scotland, where the 2008 introduction of non-domestic retail competition has broadly been a success. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) – which is working with Ofwat to oversee the delivery of water retail competition in England – expects water retail competition to deliver around £200m in benefits for the UK economy.

So, what qualifies as a ‘non-domestic water customer’ that is covered by water retail competition? What are the potential business benefits and how can they be realised? And what should your organisation be doing about water retail competition before it opens in April? 

The 10-page edie explains guide answers all of these questions and more to help those that manage their organisation’s water consumption understand how water retail competition could be used to consolidate bills, generate significant financial savings and deliver key environmental benefits.

System revolutionaries

The guide draws on the experiences seen by non-domestic water customers in Scotland, and concludes with an expert view of the potential implications of water retail competition for businesses from Utility Week.

“No one knows exactly what will happen after England’s water retail market opens, but if all goes well and the market is a success, this will be a development that the UK will look back on and be proud of,” said Utility Week’s news editor Lois Vallely. 

“In opening water retail competition, the UK Government and the water sector have put in place the necessary foundations for positive change to take place, but they alone can only do so much. The onus is now on businesses to embrace this change; capitalise on the opportunity, and lead this system revolution.”

The edie explains: Water retail competition guide is available to download for free now. Download the guide here.

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