edie launches new business guide on carbon offsetting

edie has today (26 May) published a new explains guide, focusing on how businesses should approach the use of carbon offsetting to assist a carbon reduction strategy.

edie launches new business guide on carbon offsetting

Scope 3 guidance will be published next year by the VCMI

This free-to-download edie Explains guide, produced in association with the Woodland Trust helps sustainability professionals understand and navigate the growing market of carbon offsets.

From exploring the different types of offsetting and how they work to outlining the benefits and controversies surrounding them, this guide outlines how offsets can be utilised as part of a carbon business strategy that focuses on reductions first and foremost.

It also features a viewpoint from Lee Dudley head of environmental carbon at the Woodland Trust, that explains where offsetting fits into the UK’s net-zero target.


Several NGOs offering carbon offsets have reportedly experienced a fourfold increase in investment over the past two years, with purchases coming from individuals and businesses alike.

This growth in interest is being attributed to the implementation of ever-more net-zero legislation by nations and businesses and are seen as a viable solution to help mitigate unavoidable emissions. However, there have been some accusations from campaigners that sectors and companies are overtly relying on offsets over actual efforts to reduce and remove carbon, essentially greenwashing their decarbonisation aims.

As such, the UK Government has been urged by the Green Alliance to open a national ‘office for carbon removal’ in order to verify that carbon offsets purchased by businesses in the drive for compliance with its net-zero target have a tangible climate impact.

This guide explains how offsets can be utilised, what the key considerations are for businesses and how the process works.

The edie Explains guide on carbon offsetting is free to download for edie users. Click here to download the guide.

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  1. Sophie Churchill says:

    Thanks for this. I think where you say on this page it is free to download for readers you should state that this is if you agree to be contacted by the Woodland Trust. I’d also respectfully feed back to WT that there is no harm in supporting something like this genuinely for free – ie without the reader having to become recipient of info.

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