edie launches new business guide on energy data optimisation

edie has published a new business guide on energy data optimisation, explaining everything that organisations need to know and consider in order to improve how they collect and utilise energy-related data.

edie launches new business guide on energy data optimisation

What is energy data optimisation? Why should an organisation optimise its energy data? What kind of data should a business be looking at? What are the key business requirements for successful energy data optimisation? This new business guide answers all of these questions and more.


Energy data optimisation refers to the ways that an organisation can gather and interpret the data related to its energy consumption. The more ‘optimised’ this process is, the better understanding an organisation can have over its energy usage and therefore the easier it is for that organisation to make improvements in usage and efficiency.

Despite many organisations using a large amount of energy to carry out their everyday operations, a large proportion do not know exactly how much energy they are using at any given time. Good energy data optimisation is about finding a cost-effective metering and data collection system to suit the needs of the organisation. This then forms the basis upon which an organisation can improve its energy efficiency and cut costs.

This new edie Explains guide, created with support from Centrica Business Solutions details all the key considerations, opportunities and benefits and challenges that businesses face when looking to optimise their energy data to make informed cost-saving and decarbonisation decisions.

Click here to access your free version of the edie Explains guide to energy efficiency optimisation.

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