edie launches new report detailing how the hospitality sector can achieve a green recovery

edie has launched its latest sector insight report, examining how the hospitality and leisure sector can build back better from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic by focusing on low-carbon strategies as part of a green recovery.

edie launches new report detailing how the hospitality sector can achieve a green recovery

The report features insight on how innovation

As part of edie’s brand-new Mission Possible: Green Recovery campaign – which supports sustainability, energy and CSR professionals on our collective mission to drive a green recovery across all major industries in the UK – this latest series of reports will explore why a green recovery is so important for the respective industries being analysed; what a green recovery actually looks like for businesses large and small within those industries; and how sustainability and energy professionals can drive a green recovery from within.

The reports have been created in assistance with PHS and uses exclusive results from edie’s green recovery survey of 243 sustainability and energy professionals. This manufacturing report has also been produced with guidance from in-depth discussions with a steering panel of sustainability experts from some of the world’s most respected hospitality and leisure firms in the vanguard of sustainability leadership.


This report features the results of that exclusive survey, insight from the steering panel and key boxouts on how collaboration, innovation, net-zero and the COP26 climate conference will shape the confidence of the sector in delivering radical decarbonisation. Importantly, the report highlights how a strong focus on energy innovation within the sector has created the building blocks to deliver a green recovery moving forward.

Additionally, viewpoints from PHS and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance help set the tone as to why businesses can be optimistic when approaching the green recovery through net-zero targets and new business practices.

In the foreword for the report, the Sustainable Hospitality Association’s trustee Stephen Farrant said: “As we are witnessing the devastating impact of the pandemic on lives and businesses, so we are reminded that we all have a responsibility to ensure that the combined effects of climate and the loss of nature do not have a similar or greater effect. There is a growing realisation that ultimately, we are all subject to the laws of nature and science. A green recovery is therefore the only logical future for the hospitality and leisure industries.

“A green recovery is therefore firmly on the agendas of many leaders and boards – within the industry and beyond. Recognition is growing that we need to build strong foundations for a resilient industry that’s better prepared for future crises, and that actively helps to regenerate the natural systems upon which it depends. Sustainability professionals can start to drive a green recovery from within but, as advocated by the Global Goals, we also need to enhance collaboration between key stakeholders in the value chain, including governments, civil society, the private sector and other strategic partners.”

Click here to access the Mission Possible: Achieving a green recovery for Hospitality and Leisure report.

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