edie launches updated net-zero business guide to account for Covid-19 and green policy delays

Organisations looking to understand the various issues surrounding the hot topic of net-zero and how the trend could be impacted by the coronavirus and delays to critical green legislation now have access to a crucial new edie Explains guide, which breaks down everything you need-to-know on the topic.

edie launches updated net-zero business guide to account for Covid-19 and green policy delays

The business guide is free to download

The new business guide, produced in association with edie’s supporting partner Centrica Business Solutions, has been updated this month to account for new information on how the Covid-19 pandemic, and delays to COP26, the environment bill and the energy whitepaper could impact the net-zero movement. However, net-zero is a long-term ambition and required immediate and continuous action.

As such, this report provides an in-depth summary of net-zero and the various pathways, as well as how businesses can apply the principles, as well as the potential ever-shifting policy landscape that could impact the concept and how companies can respond.


The guide forms part of edie and Centrica Business Solutions’ master series, which recently featured a 45-minute online masterclass to help sustainability and energy professionals seeking to develop or refine a carbon-reduction strategy for their organisation, on the road to net-zero emissions. The masterclass is available to watch on-demand here.

This free edie Explains guide gives you everything you need to know, whatever your relationship to net-zero and target setting.

The twelve-page guide also incorporates a number of ‘top tips’ and concludes with an industry viewpoint, provided by Centrica Business Solutions, which provides a summary of the key findings of the report.

Writing in the viewpoint, Director at Centrica Business Solutions, Ian Hopkins, said: “The climate emergency clock is ticking. It’s time to convert all the net-zero talk into detailed strategic planning and vigorous action, so what does this involve?

“Organisations must put sustainability and resource efficiency at the heart of their growth strategies. This starts with improving energy emissions performance, which will yield major carbon savings.”

 edie staff

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