edie Live Innovation Competition finalists announced

Innovative and pioneering technologies - from hybrid commercial vehicles to energy storage, innovative AD solutions to retail refrigeration - will take to the stage next month, after 10 forward-thinking companies made it through to the final of edie's Innovation Zone competition.

Highlighting the continuous strength of Britain and Ireland’s innovative private sector, 10 potentially ground-breaking and commercially viable innovations – all aimed at tackling sustainability head on – are less than a month away from the chance to win a £6,000 support package at edie Live.

The winner will be announced on May 17 at the UK’s largest energy, sustainability and resource efficiency event, edie Live, where finalists will be given the opportunity to present on the dedicated Innovation Zone to an invited audience of investors, venture capitalists and edie Live visitors.

edie content director Will Parsons said: “Innovation is vital to the survival and success of UK plc and the planet. Radical and disruptive change is needed in the way that materials and resources are used, and how organisations do business. Innovation and emerging technologies are an essential building block for that sustainable future.

“The Innovation Zone showcases inventive emerging technologies which are at pre-commercialisation but in the trial stages of development. The level of competition this year was fierce and left the judges with a tough task – whittlind down the entries to a set of finalists which not only had a technology or solution with the potential to make a big impact, but also had a viable business case. We are really looking forward to announcing the winner at edie Live in Birmingham on May 17.”

The winner from the 10-strong shortlist will receive the £6,000 support package which includes 25 hours of commercialisation support services from edieLive’s innovation partners Pennington Manches and CLT, who recently told edie how to navigate the minefield of investment. The competition is also supported by KTN and Forum for the Future.

In an exclusive interview with edie Live about the competition, KTN’s sustainability lead and competition judge Ben Peace said: “It’s a showcase for some fantastic smaller companies that are creating innovations with a big impact on the sustainability sector.

“They are selected on the basis that they have strong commercial potential, but a potential that has not yet been fully realised. A showcase such as the Innovation Zone gives these companies valuable exposure and will enable them to get the kind of feedback, advice and signposting that can be critical in turning a good idea into commercial reality.”

Full shortlist:


Aceleron is developing the technology to transform end of life electric vehicle (EV) batteries into affordable renewable energy storage. In the UK, more than 3 million kg of battery waste is expected from EVs purchased in the past five years alone. Research has shown that end of life EV batteries typically retain 70% of their energy capacity at end of life. These batteries are currently crushed in the recycling process. If recovered, they retain enough energy to power more than 44,000 average homes in developing regions.

Extreme Low Energy

Since the early days of electricity, transmission was globally standardised on AC (Alternate Current) based power which, until relatively recently, has met our needs. However, in today’s world of computers and mobile phones, which require DC (Direct Current) power, this method of transmission has become extremely inefficient. ELe has designed a method of distributing both power and data using the same cable, allowing the generation of an effective DC infrastructure for the first time.

Flint Engineering ltd

The Flint Engineering replacement shelf is designed for use in retail refrigeration / display cabinets. It allows open-front display cabinets to meet running levels currently only achieved with closed-front units, and reduces running costs by more than 20%.

The shelf is based around the Flint IP protected extruded heat mat which provides an isothermic surface at a commercially viable price. Early prototypes show a 17% reduction in cabinet running costs in retrofit installations. If incorporated into new build, this could be more than 35%.

Hevasure Limited

The challenge for the heating ventilation and cooling industry has been to catch problems before they result in significant failure, leading to buildings becoming unusable. The only previous monitoring method was an invasive water sampling technique, which requires an operator. Hevasure has developed remote condition monitoring for heating and cooling systems in large buildings and district heating schemes, which allows owners and operators to manage energy costs and carbon emissions while reducing risk to valuable assets.

Lindhurst Engineering Ltd

H2AD is a hybrid of anaerobic digestion and microbial fuel cell technology. H2AD cleans waste effluents using microbes to simultaneously produce bioenergy, biogas and fertiliser/reusable liquid, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. H2AD also cleans wastewater, avoiding energy consumption associated with water treatment, so that it can be discharged to the sewer network, avoiding penalties.

NVP Energy Ltd

NVP Energy has developed a unique energy-positive, low-temperature anaerobic digestion technology that cleans low-strength wastewater at temperatures as low as 4°C, whilst recovering valuable high quality biogas that is 100% available for reuse.


Revaluetech has developed a technology which enables mixed plastic waste to be used to manufacture a wide range of composites in place of concrete, wood and metal.

It allows the processing of rejected mixed plastic waste from MRF, PRF, MBT, AD plants and marine litter, currently land filled. The resulting inert composite products offer 60% weight saving compared with their concrete counterparts, are virtually unbreakable and offer far longer, maintenance-free service life compared with the products they replace.

Samad Power Ltd

Samad Power Ltd has developed a micro turbine for domestic CHP boilers, adding up to 2kw of capacity whilst simultaneously providing hot water and space heating for the household. The fundamental challenge to high volume deployment of micro CHP units is the cost to the end user, but micro turbine cost analysis shows a projected installed price of just £3,000 is achievable.

Tevva Motors

The Tevva truck is the world’s first electric range extended truck with dynamic range extender control – the first alternative fuel truck that can fully replace a ‘normal’ diesel truck. With an all-electric range of about 100 miles and an unlimited combined range, the Tevva truck will be cheaper over a five-year total cost of ownership, whilst being able to deliver commercial and operational viability.

Upside Energy

Upside Energy is developing an innovative cloud service that coordinates energy stored in uninterruptible power supplies, solar PV systems, electric vehicles, domestic heating systems, etc. This creates a ‘virtual energy store’ that enables the company to sell a range of balancing services to grid and distribution network operators and energy suppliers, starting with frequency regulation services to National Grid. It then redistributes 75% of revenue back to the original equipment owners: households and small businesses.

Innovation Zone at edie Live

Stay ahead of the curve with the newest and most exciting entrants in the energy and sustainability space on the edie Live Innovation Zone. Chosen by a panel of expert judges, the selected technology and solutions on display will be showcased in a special area of the show. Don’t miss the winner being announced at the end of the first day of the show!

edie Live takes place at the NEC in Birmingham from 17-18 May to showcase the latest in energy, sustainability and resource efficiency. With the latest products, solutions and emerging innovation from hundreds of suppliers, the event also includes a two-day programme of free content across four theatres, networking, insight and expert advice specifically designed for edie Live visitors.


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