edie partners with Ashridge Business School for new feature series

edie has partnered with one of the world's leading business schools and leadership development providers for a series of articles focused on growing international debate and best practice around sustainability.

The partnership, with the Hertfordshire-based Ashridge Business School, will involve eight articles being written by sustainability experts, covering the various themes and perspectives of School’s MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility.

Starting in October, the masters course is structured around eight, five-day workshops over two years. Each workshops is designed to help clarify the challenges that students would aim to explore for their own organisations or your own interests.

Ahead of this year’s sustainability masters, edie will be running a series of articles in relation to each aspect of the course.

Series schedule (click the title for the full article)

‘The future of leadership development’: The challenges facing organisations, leaders and society; drawing out the themes at the heart of the MSc, painting a picture of why this approach to leadership education and practice is more vital today than ever before. (Author: Chris Nichols)

In subsequent articles other MSc colleagues will write about the following topics:

Towards earth-smart economics: what’s wrong with economics as usual and what can be done about it?  (Author: Tim Malnick)

Earth wisdom & deep ecology: why all leaders need to explore our relationship with the rest of the living world – the damage of the myth of separation and how we can change it (Author: Chris Nichols)

Developing for resilience: what are the practices and process that allow leaders and organisations to develop businesses, products, services and an economy that will respect the living world and will be resilient into the future?  (Author: Stefan Cousquer)

Intervening in systems: if we see the world as a complex and inter-connected web of systems, what can we do to promote sustainable transformation? How do we go beyond simple mechanical models of change to be influential in a complex systems world? (Author: Margaret Gearty)

Developing real participation and justice: thinking about global participation and justice, what is the problem with how we operate today, and how can leaders shape outcomes that are more just, more participative, paying attention to gender, power and the global south?(Author: Gill Coleman)

Reinventing Work: a new leadership evokes new solutions and new forms of organisation. This article draws on the entrepreneurship of some of our alumni to tell the story of new organisations with new forms of leadership playing their part in creating better outcomes (Author: Chris Nichols and alumni)

Looking towards the next agenda: our programme doesn’t stand still because the need doesn’t stand still. In this article our team talks about how to stay alert to new challenges as they arise and how to keep learning alive in your life and practice in the service of a more sustainable future (Author: Ashridge sustainability team)

Dr Gill Coleman, who launched the sustainability masters programme at Ashridge, said: “We’re delighted to introduce a new series of short articles from the sustainability team at Ashridge. Our work puts us in contact with a wide range of people from all over the world working for sustainability, which we are drawing on here.”

The Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility now has an alumni of over 500 practitioners worldwide and has become a key educational course to create strategies for leading transformation in the business world that contribute to the evolving global sustainability agenda.

The first article in this new series can be read here. For more information on the Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility, click here.

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