edie publishes free business guide to onsite energy generation

Organisations and professionals with an interest in producing and consuming energy at a particular location away from the grid now have access to a free, comprehensive 'edie explains' guide which answers all of the key questions surrounding onsite generation.

The nine-page edie explains business guide, produced in association with E.ON, provides an in-depth summary of the different ways to install onsite generation technologies, and the various benefits those technologies can offer. 

It is the latest in an ongoing series of edie explains guides, which provide readers with an end-to-end overview of the key technologies and frameworks that can be utilised on the journey to doing business better.


Onsite energy generation – which can include solar, wind, combined heat and power (CHP), heat pumps and anaerobic digestion (AD) – takes pressure off the national grid by allowing for more flexibility, helping it to maintain capacity and smooth out supply volatility. Plus, as it is generated close to source, far less energy is lost in transmission between generation point and point of use.

Is onsite generation right for your business? What are the technology options and how do you choose the right one? And what is the return on investment? The latest edie explains guide answers all of these questions and more to help sustainability professionals and energy managers understand exactly how to make the most out of onsite generation.

Quoted within the guide is Phil Gilbert, director of energy solutions at E.ON, who stressed the importance of onsite generation in accelerating the transition to resilient, low-carbon business models. 

“Rising energy costs and volatile third-party charges can have a real impact on a business’ bottom line, so anything a business can do to take control of these costs can make a huge difference,” said Gilbert. “Onsite generation is a perfect example of this.

“Onsite generation can help you save money on your energy bills and even generate income by selling surplus energy back into the grid. With the current changes in the energy market and the move to a smarter, more integrated infrastructure, there’s never been a better time for businesses to invest in the future.”

The edie explains: Onsite generation guide is available to download for free now. Download the guide here.

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