EMS commission hydraulically powered sludge pumps

EMS has recently commissioned 3 of it’s hydraulically powered sludge ram pumps at Anglian Water’s new Lowestoft sewage treatment works to automatically de-sludge the primary settlement tanks.

The long stroke length and slow cycling of the pumps can generate up to 9 metres suction head allowing thick sludge to be drawn from the primary tanks at density values up to 16% dry solids. The thick sludge is pumped through a 4″ NB pipe work system at pressures up to 20 bar to the digesters.

The power available from the 40 bar rated pumps enabled PURAC to install a 4″NB sludge pipe line from the pumps to the digesters, which produced a sludge velocity sufficient to keep the pipe line scoured, helping preventing fat build up and potential blockages.

EMS software measures the pressure required to pump the sludge with a pressure transducer located in the clean, hydraulic oil circuit of the ram pump hydraulic power unit. On each cyclic stroke of the ram pump the pressure required to drive the sludge pump plunger varies with the viscosity of the sludge. A PLC is used to compute the data from the pressure transducer into a sludge density value.

For further info please contact EMS Group at:

Email: [email protected]

Web: www.emsgb.com

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