The committee’s report Meeting Carbon Budgets – The Need for a Step Change is the first of what is due to become an annual event.

Highlights of the report include plans for three new nuclear power stations and a huge wave of energy efficiency for residential homes.

The committee praises the CERT funding scheme which sells reduced cost insulation subsidised by power firms and sold through the big DIY chains.

It says the scheme should form part of a longer term plan for insulating 10m lofts and 7.5m cavity walls by 2015 and fill in wall insulation for 2.3m homes by 2022.

It calls for more electric vehicles to bring down emissions with around 240,000 on the road by 2015 and 1.7m by 2020.

Shadow energy and climate change secretary, Greg Clark said the plans had a ‘void’.

He said: “Following Friday’s Ofgem report this is yet another official warning about the consequences of the void in energy policy over the last 12 years.

“A merry-go-round of 15 energy ministers in 12 years has put Britain in a dire position to cope with the ‘trilemma’ of keeping the lights on, keeping bills down and keeping to our emissions targets.

“As we said in our conference last week, a Conservative government would launch an emergency plan to rescue our energy policy within days of a general election.

“Included in the plan is immediate authorisation fiveGW of clean coal capacity fitted with carbon capture and storage.

“A green deal to give every household in the country £6,500 to upgrade the energy efficiency of our homes; immediate publication of the planning guidance needed for new nuclear power stations; and the right for every community hosting wind farms to keep for 6 years the business rates generated.”

Read the report by clicking here.

Edie is running a CRC clinic at the Hurlingham Club, London on November 12 to help affected organisations get ahead of the game.

The morning event will feature speakers from DECC and industry experts ERM and PowerPerfector.

Tickets are priced at £150. For more information, visit our CRC clinic page.

Luke Walsh

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