Eriez Eddy Current Separators for Resource Recovery Applications

The latest brochure detailing the unique range of Eriez Non-ferrous Metal, Eddy Current, Separators has been released. This comprehensive four page brochure explains how to maximise separation performance.

Eriez Magnetics Europe designs and manufactures a comprehensive and diverse range of non-ferrous metal separators, known as Eddy Current Separators, to meet the challenging and ever-changing requirements of the recycling industry.

Eriez Eddy Current Separators (ECS) are designed for ease of installation into new and existing recycling plants; are simple to operate; enable flexible and easy adjustment; and provide an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to maximising recovery of non-ferrous metals from non-metallic materials.

Uniquely, Eriez Magnetics Europe offers three types of ECS to suit different applications. The Standard Model ECS has been developed with a strong, high intensity magnetic rotor design to separate smaller metal particles down to 3mm in size. This type of ECS is typically used for cleansing cullet, plastics recycling and incineration ash purification. The LC Model ECS is a robust, workhorse-like Eddy Current Separator, which works well in separating larger non-ferrous metals in arduous environments where maintenance is minimal. As such, this design is commonly installed in Material Reclamation Facilities (MRFs) to recover aluminium beverage cans and within shredding plants to assist in separating larger aluminium directly after shredding.

The third model, unique to Eriez, is the SR Model ECS which is intended for very small particle separation, ie 2mm-3mm, and particularly recommended when multi-stage separation is required. This model has been successfully installed in many plastics and rubber recycling facilities for enhanced separation of non-ferrous elements, such as fine pieces of aluminium, and of stainless steel from granulated material. The SR ECS represents a very good return on investment, particularly given the improvements in purity and resale value of regrind which this system is designed to achieve.

One of the ongoing disputes in the industry concerns the rotor design of an ECS. The Eriez design of ECS incorporates a ‘concentric’ magnetic rotor within the outer shell, yielding a maximum magnetic expulsion force over the whole area of the outer shell. Some competitor models have ‘eccentric’ magnetic rotors which only have one small point where optimum separation can be achieved. In process terms, this means that on an eccentric style ECS there is one chance of separating a particle whilst on a concentric design, the magnetic force is working against the particle for the whole time it is in the magnetic field, this enables better separation.

Measured production performances on recycling sites across Europe have proved that the Eriez design of ECS provides superior separation of non-ferrous metals, especially small particles, over a wide range of feed widths.

Eriez offers its clients decades of experience and a proven technical capability for determining the most effective metal separation system for a given application. A typical system would include both ferrous and non-ferrous metal separators and integrated vibratory feeders. As Eddy Current Separators are only designed to handle non-ferrous metals, it is essential to remove all traces of ferrous contaminants prior to the non-ferrous separation stage. In this respect, Eriez offers the widest choice of any manufacturer of Overband Magnets, Magnetic Drum Separators, Ferrite and Rare Earth Roll Separators to ensure the elimination of ferrous and stainless steel contamination. Furthermore, Eriez will also supply an all-metal separator, the ‘Pulseparator’, incorporating a metal detector and a high speed, pneumatically-driven ejection system, which is installed after the ECS as a final and comprehensive quality check to detect and separate any lingering pieces of stray metal from the non-metallic component.

For more information on the Eriez ECS and on the wider range of metal separation equipment offered by Eriez for the recycling industry, including domestic and municipal waste, woodchip, foundry sand, glass, incinerator ash, electronic scrap, fridges and freezers and shredded automobiles, enquire now for a copy of Eriez’ new brochure.

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