European electric industry body sets out to dispel myths of nuclear waste

A new report by Eurelectric makes an appeal for less emotion in the debate surrounding nuclear waste, and an improvement in the information channels available to the public on the issue of ‘radwastes’.

“Radwaste is an issue where the technical solutions most definitely exist,” says the report. “Implementation of these solutions should go hand in hand with more and better communication to obtain consensus and political acceptance.”

Nuclear power has made a significant contribution to both energy supply security and to reducing electricity-related carbon dioxide emissions, but is nevertheless often criticised because of the radioactive waste that it produces, says Eurelectric. “Political support for the existing technological solutions and ongoing improvements will not be forthcoming without general public acceptance, which in turn requires clear information,” says Eurelectric. This is an important point, which needs to be addressed by the electricity industry, says the organisation.

When deciding on the location of nuclear waste repositories, communication programmes are indispensable to explain what will really happen and the significance for the local population and environment. Citizens have the right to expect that scientists and technicians will explain, clearly and understandably, what they are doing, say the report’s authors.

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