European Parliament votes to change electricity rules to favour renewables

The Members of the European Parliament have voted to open up the electricity market in a way that aids small consumers and the environment, requiring energy generators to show the sources of their electricity and the pollutants involved in producing it.

“This is a giant step forward and shifts the balance of power away from the large utilities towards a level playing field for all producers,” said Claude Turmes, Green MEP from Luxembourg.

Electricity suppliers will be required to show in their advertising and on utility bills the fuel mix and associated waste and emissions of the electricity, giving consumers the opportunity to make informed decisions about which companies should supply their electricity.

“While agreeing to the further opening of the market, the Parliament has taken the necessary steps to establish clear rules to protect and inform small consumers to eliminate distortions favouring big companies,” said Turmes.

Parliament also voted for a ban on the use of decommissioning funds, which should be set aside to enable the final management of nuclear waste, for predatory activities in the electricity market. This amendment was particularly aimed at French and German nuclear utilities, who have become the dominant companies in Europe and have access to tens of billions of Euros to acquire companies.

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