Ford abandons anti-Kyoto pressure group Global Climate Coalition

Ford has followed the lead of big energy companies such as Shell and BP and has ended its Global Climate Coalition (GCC) membership. GCC opposes the Kyoto Protocol and argues that climate change has not been proven.

Reacting to the news that Ford will no longer support the GCC and its anti-Kyoto stance, GCC executive director Glenn Kelly accused the car manufacturer of caving in to scare mongering. “What is most disappointing about Ford’s decision is that it seems to be driven by a campaign of misinformation by fringe environmental groups such as Ozone Action who disregard the serious nature of this debate with scare tactics, half-truths and outright distortions.”

GCC is in favour of voluntary measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but is entirely opposed to international legal agreements like the Kyoto Protocol. “Our members will continue to aggressively pursue voluntary environmental initiatives and cost-effective new technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We will urge sound scientific answers to many uncertain questions,” said Kelly.

GCC is currently publicising articles on its website entitled: “A warmer world may not be bad” and “Adopting Kyoto Protocol would wreck US economy”.

The extent of Ford’s change of policy is not yet clear. Its Global Climate statement does not overtly express an opinion of international legal efforts to slow down climate change apart from to say that “the cost of global climate policies [should] not fall disproportionately on US citizens and businesses”.

The departure of Ford from the GCC is being seen by some as a sign that the motor manufacturing industry may be coming to terms with the threat of climate change. The European Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future (e5), a group of business leaders that supports “new energy and transport policies in order to avoid ecological risks and long-term economic damage” has welcomed Ford’s move. E5 members include AEG Domestic Appliances, Danfoss and Deutsche Telekom.

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