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Greenwash or necessity: What role does carbon offsetting play in reaching net-zero?

If "offsetting" is done properly, for instance I offset my heating oil by supporting the Woodland Trust and Project Seagrass, then it can form a valuable part of the arsenal. Particularly for individual offsetting such as mine (please note I have no choice over heating fuel as we are not on the gas main and ASHP or GSHP are not an option either). However there is too much fluff, fog, confusion and misuse of the system currently so it easy, too easy, for a company or organisation to claim they fully offset when in fact it is nothing like and it is an easy way to achieve a marketing goal. We all need to be more cynical and ethical when it comes to offsetting. Asking "have we done everything possible to reduce energy wastage and emissions?" before we offset. The problem is we could end up using more energy to offset than we could save thereby actually making the problem worse. it isn''t just about carbon dioxide as water vapour is far more effective a greenhouse gas and it is our voracious appetite for electricity and energy in general that is more the problem than the gas we all exhale with every breath.

Birmingham Airport sets net-zero carbon target for 2033

By "onsite renewables" do they intend to put solar panels on all the terminal building roofs and around the apron? Given the vast acreage around any airport the generation capacity should be incredible with minimal impact to the visual environment and preserving agricultural land for crops.

The collaborative push for net-zero emissions in the built environment

An invention from the ''70s was Starlite, which if coated on the walls and ceilings of the office and home, could cut heating and cooling bills to near-zero, automatic windows could control most of the temperature adjustment needs. See: An alternative to Starlite is Fireputty, invented by Canadian Troy Hurtubise, who was looking for financial backing for lab time so that he could make a household paint out of it, before his untimely death. There is a competition that Starlite and Firepaste could be entered in with a prize of US $1 million for a method of cutting cooling bills for buildings, with the idea that global warming will mean that more buildings will have to have cooling. A passive cooling system like Starlite and Firepaste, if made into a paint, would cut both heating and cooling to near-zero, both in turns of fuel needed, and CO2 emissions, and as such will probably be unbeatable in the competition. If you look at this YouTube video you will find the the likely components are 90% corn starch and 10% baking soda mixed into a putty using PVA glue. There may have been other components as well, because it has been made into a spray paint, and paint. You will need to crack the formula in order to make use of passive temperature control of buildings. To enter the competition, just head to:

2,500 scientists urge EU to reform environmentally 'damaging' agriculture policy

Is this going to include less meat and more plants for human consumption? The evidence for both the human health and planetary health of a plant based diet are unequivocal. Cut out the middle cow and massively reduce water pollution from animal waste, save millions of tonnes of CO2 and CH4 emissions and preserve billions of litres of drinking water.

'To truly embed sustainability, businesses must redefine value itself'

Advanced thinking and if you understand sustainability it all about problem-solving and problem-solving is all about innovation and collaboration to do what money and self-interest will not do or cannot due in the best interest of all the community, rather than just a privileged few. Will require applying a different value system. IRC Ottawa used it from 1995 -2010 to test blockchain technology. $1 turned into $55 worth of R&D productivity. helping introduce change in not what humans do but how they need to do it to allow everything to have value or potential value. Dies require time and a new vaue system.

EV batteries could be 'huge waste mountain of the future', researchers warn

The problem is ruled simply by the question "can they be recycle and make money"? Richard Phillips

EV batteries could be 'huge waste mountain of the future', researchers warn

Electrification of just 2% of the current global car fleet would represent a line of cars that could stretch around the circumference of the Earth some 140 million vehicles, report co-author Professor Andrew Abbott, of the University of Leicester, said. Normally stuff like this would be filed in Private Eye by "Phil Space" 2% of the worlds petrol cars would take up the same amount of space. The battery in the picture looks like it could be disassembled by a bloke with a couple of spanners in and hour or so - and there are you tube videos showing just that. The cells themselves seems to be layers of material with a simple structure which don''t look too difficult to disassemble. Compare that with a picture of a pile of a couple of tons of ore. Which would be the obvious one to get the minerals out of especially if the old battery is already in the part of the world that you want to make your next battery. What are the reasons that EV batteries may become a "huge waste mountain in the future"? common sense dictates that it won''t but have they uncovered a major problem. If so that would be news

Oil and gas giants must cut production by a third to meet climate targets

Rubbish, it''s not production that must be cut but demand and waste of fuels/energy. Even then we will continue to need oil and gas for decades to come for petrochemicals to make the myriad of everyday products we all want and need, including life saving medicines and medical equipment.

Marston's to remove 500,000 plastic bottles from inns by end of the year

Please Please Please make those bottles reusable and not just waste a load of energy transporting them to the North of England then wasting more energy melting them when a quick rinse will do . They used to do it

COP25: Spain offers to host climate summit following Chile's cancellation

This will cause problems for Greta, I hope they can get her there safely

Redesign, collaborate and collect: Inside Coca-Cola European Partner's plastics strategy

Lots of words in the article. Is it really so complex or a smokescreen? "in Germany and the Netherlands, the totals reach 98% and 86% respectively" not sure about the Netherlands but Germany has a compulsory DRS and has for ages. I can imagine the 2% that gets out into the wild is about as low as you can get due to human fallibility. Meanwhile in the UK 26% doesn''t get returned and that is not likely to change much regardless of the number of pilot projects, initiatives etc that get regularly trotted out. Isn''t it bleeding obvious that the DRS system that many grew up with is the way to go. It also delivers all the used plastic bottles to Coca Cola so that they can pay for the disposal and not local authorities.

Optimistic but lacking action: Green groups offer mixed reaction to Environment Bill

It is good that the Government is making new laws to protect the environment. It is very disappointing, however, that the new laws exempt some areas of industry concerning biodiversity. That is counter-productive and inexcusable and very short-sighted. We welcome any new legislation to protect our environment but we must not relax and keep pushing the government and industry and farmers and the public to do much more. End investment in all fossil fuels at home and abroad. Stop the insane road building visions of our governments and restore bigger fuel taxes and massively invest in clean public transport. Many other things too. I believe only the greens can save our countries from self-destruction.

IEA: Offshore windfarms 'can provide more electricity than the world needs'

Kieron, neatly put on the useful range of wind power. The use of a single technology, is different. With coal, gas, or nuclear power, the outage of one unit is individual, the power sources are not unified. But with wind or solar, its one out, possibly all out. For one week last July, a high pressure area dominated the UK, and wind power went down to a few hundred MW, from a possible 20,000MW. From 20 power stations on paper to about one, and less, for a week. And all the business people and politicians can talk about is the potency of wind. All the right energy, but not NECESSARILY at the right time! read the reports from official sources, its all TWh, no hint of absence of demand lead power. They just do not know, end of story until they do understand. Richard Phillips

IEA: Offshore windfarms 'can provide more electricity than the world needs'

Until the wind doesn''t blow. Remember that unless the wind is more than 4m/s (14km/hr or 9mph) the blades might be turning but the turbine is a net consumer of power. Then when it is more than 20m/s (70km/hr or 44mph) they have to feather and brake them to stop them blowing up. If we rely on a single source of power, whatever it is, we will find times when the lights go out. Instead of focusing on what this or that can do we have got to concentrate on a varied, balanced generation capability involving all forms of non combustion generation (with some minor CCS Gas generation as emergency backup). I''m talking hydro, fluvial, tidal stream, pumped storage, compressed storage, solar, wind, thermal source pumps (Air, Ground Water). In the Mediaeval waterwheels powered blast furnaces to smelt steel so why don''t we look back to look forward?

Supermarket sweep: Tesco inks onsite solar deal as Lidl eyes rapid EV charging points

How about combining the projects? Install massive solar arrays on the roof of the supermarket to power the EV charging points? Possibly even powering the fridges and freezers in the store too. Given the acreage of the average supermarket roof there is a huge potential generation capacity going unused.

Dozens of fashion giants sign pact to eliminate emissions and single-use plastics

An equally important part of the solution to fashion industry''s pollution problem is behaviour change, i.e. getting people to wear what they buy and for longer. This might be helped if the world''s celebrity culture, especially the film and media world persuaded it''s ''gliterarty'' that it is socially acceptable for them to wear the same outfit to more than one awards ceremony or gala ball. That might then send a powerful message to the masses that wearing what you buy until it wears out is part of the solution to environmental pollution.

Hoarding old gadgets 'preventing circular economy shift' and 'spurring rare mineral shortages'

Where do you go to recycle old tech?

Net-Zero November: edie to launch themed month of content and events

Please try to have speakers and exhibitors talking about hydrogen power for transport, and if you can, have speakers talking about fusion nuclear power the holy grail of energy production (try Tokamak Energy)

Morrisons launches first round of rapid EV chargers

Why on the perimeter? If we really want to encourage a switch to EV then surely priority should be given to these and charge points should be located in the main areas of the car park, under a shelter, right next to the trolley point. With ANPR it''s easy enough to monitor and the trolley herders can keep an eye on the spaces and put a polite message on the windscreen of non EV cars to remind them not to park in the wrong space. @Colin - who are you getting your lecky from at 6p/kwhr? I pay 13.2p/kwhr so twice what you seem to get. Even so I agree 30p/kwhr is excessive given the SVR from the Big 6 is around 15p/kwhr

Morrisons launches first round of rapid EV chargers

Wow, 12p per mile for an electric vehicle compared to compared to 14p per mile diesel and 15p per mile petrol. Not much saving given The much higher price of the electric vehicle. domestic price around 6p per kilowatt hour compared to this rate of 30p-how do they justify that?

Government consults on green license plates for electric vehicles

A green number plate won''t make any difference to me and my choices. Price, range and design are much much more important. I want a decent mid sized car (similar to my C''eed), that can do 240 miles on 70% of charge (3hrs motorway driving from 80% to 10%) and doesn''t cost 30 grand. As a cyclist who often has to fight for space in bus lanes with taxis, motorcycles, disabled drivers and let''s not forget 20 tonne buses I might as well give up and ride on the pavement if green licence plated EV''s can use bus lanes too. I mean what would be any different to any other lane on the road? Forget gimmicks and focus on getting people out of cars as much as practical. Make public transport so financially attractive that it isn''t worth taking a car (ICE or EV) into town or even owning one if you live in a major conurbation. Hell even make bus travel free for all (not just the over 60s) if that gets people to use public transport. To give an example it costs my wife and I 7.50 return to go into town by bus. At 45p a mile (HMRC rate) it costs 3.60 by car. That gives us 3.90 for parking which is nearly 4hrs. So for a night out we drive, it''s cheaper and a hell of a lot more convenient as we aren''t limited by bus times (last bus home is early). If EV''s get even cheaper parking there''s even less reason to take public transport meaning we still have a congestion problem. And finally, where''s all the power coming from to power all these EVs that everyone is going to have? Can the network cope? I doubt it as the lights flicker in my house on a regular basis meaning if I plugged in an EV to charge I''d black out the neighbourhood. Mr F Popular!!

Renewable energy to expand by 50% in next five years - report

But "appetite of energy-hungry businesses and factories" will expect their appetite to be satisfied by the availability of electricity when and as it is needed. Both solar and wind power are to noted for generating electricity on their own terms, not on demand. None of the economists or businessmen speaking on this subject ever address this pivotal point, or the geographical diversity and distances from points or generation to consumption. The real world is far from removed. Richard Phillips

300 MPs call for Parliamentary Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels

IT ISN"T JUST FUEL!!! FFS wake up and smell the coffee. Oil and Gas are the raw materials for billions of everyday products we all want and need, including life saving pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, fertilizers that help us grow the food we need, insulation around the electric cables that bring the power from the wind turbines and solar panels, paints that protect those turbines from corrosion and plastics that make up the solar panels. While I agree we can''t keep burning it wastefully we can''t "keep it in the ground" unless you want to go back to hessian underpants, tallow candles and dung on the streets.

Bentley achieves carbon-neutral certification at solar-powered Crewe plant


'Risking a carbon budget blowout': UK Government gives go-ahead to Drax gas plant

An alternative for the Wood pellet burners is to produce charcoal or biochar. This solid carbon is much easier to store than CO2 gas - a bit like un-coalmining. It''s already being done in Oregon on a 35MW electricity plant. Thanks. Matthew Tulley

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