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BMW's closed-loop batteries and AI-powered beehives: The best innovations for Green GB Week

Regarding food waste, I buy organic produce from a small, local firm. As I live alone I am able to buy EXACTLY the amount of food I need, according to how many I am catering for in any one week. Buying in bulk results in waste. Supermarkets should sell vegetable and fruit items SINGLY, rather than in a bag of a set number. That would go a long way towards preventing waste.

BEIS Committee: Ban new petrol and diesel cars by 2032, not 2040

The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions but it certainly isn''t awash with EV charging points. Until the plug in point is as common place and as easily accessed as the fuel pump the issue of battery range is always going to be an issue. Yes range has improved with many cars now boasting 300 miles on a full charge but that only equates to about 200 mile realistic range on an 80% charge (I''m giving a 20-30mile reserve in the tank). Yes that is about 3hrs on a motorway run by which time most drivers need a break but when there are 2 charging points in the service station can you imagine the chaos or the queues to charge up? Who wants to wait for an hour to plug in? Forget banning liquid fuel engines by a given date and work on developing the much needed charging and clean generation infrastructure. Fix the problem that city dwellers may face when they don''t have a permanent car parking space at their dwelling or if they live in a block of flats. Install charge points in every car parking space, every supermarket space, every office parking space. Make sure the electricity needed to recharge all these EV''s will come from a reliable, clean, non fossil fuel source (over 50% of all electricity generated in the UK is currently gas). Get the charging network sorted and range becomes much less of an issue. 200 miles would get me from my home to Glasgow Airport and home again (just) but having charging points along the way would mean less worry about traffic problems or having to sit for hours waiting for a charge point to become free. Living in a city would you actually need more than 100 mile range if your work place, supermarket and shopping mall all had charge points?

Big-name retailers collaborate to spur uptake of clean domestic fuels

Wood burning stoves are very popular. In a recent house-hunting couple of weeks, over half the semi-rural homes had these stoves. I do wonder if using the stoves would be breaking any regulations and if so how are the regulations enforced. And then we have Drax. Fired up on wood chips brought all the way from the rural parts of the USA and claiming to be a sustainable and renewable means of power generation. Which of these wood burning activities is the worse per tonne of heat or energy output the worst polluter?

Clean Growth Fund spearheads Government's green finance commitments

The key to getting communities involved in generating their own renewable energy would be to Make accessing the funds easier. Less wordy garble, more practical help to complete application and drop this totally unrealistic expectation that we can somehow fund and resource all the time and effort going into an application. Making it a competition is really insulting. Do you think we have the time and energy to play competition games ???? Simple criteria to meet. Simple access to funds. Installation success.

Ban Ki-moon: UK businesses must lead climate adaptation efforts to achieve Mission Possible

Adaptation or adaption?

Sir David King: Urgent focus needed on climate 'restoration'

What is the point in enshrining anything in Law this Tory Government just ignores the Law. Clean Air act 2010 and three LOST Court cases later and still not doing anything real. Professor King you simply appear to have sold yourself to the worst UK Government in modern time. Why are you not promoting Hydrogen and saying this is party politics at its worst. Claire Perry "Bring on Fracking ---Shell CEO at Paris interview "well yes fracking gas is nearly as bad as coal when leaks are taken into account". Sorry Sir David you are a scientist and I am an amateur in this field, but I can arrive at a Hydrogen Combustion Internal Steam Turbine (generator) concept and I can also link with a US company which has designed a Low voltage Hydrogen production system which clearly can be adapted to an On Board the EV On Demand from the engine fuel production system. The biggest upset is the likes of Politicians who listen to your advice and that you are not conversant with innovation. Yes it may well be outside your daily, but if you place yourself as the Advisor to the Government and the People then you need to get outside your comfort zone. Check University of Nottingham R&D Profs Gulcan or Tim

Science Based Targets Initiative to push for 1.5C goals in wake of IPCC report

As long as the targets are genuinely Science Based and not "science" based. Sadly proper science has become swamped by hype, myth-information and pseudoscience. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and we have seen cases where what sounded like a positive idea became a major problem. Diesel cars would be the classic example of that. Don''t get caught up in "knee jerk" reactions to sound "green" but do the solid research even if that might take several months before setting genuine scientifically strong targets that are actually achievable. Don''t make "headline grabbing" targets that may never be realised

Energy storage needs ?6bn UK investment by 2030 to keep pace with renewables, research finds

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Heathrow to install rapid charge points for electric black cabs

Thanks for the post, I also want to be a Taxi driver in London but the problem I am facing is I don''t know about the account and is taxi corporate account is necessary for me or not?

UK Government seeks advice from Committee on Climate Change on net-zero emissions goal

The 2015 Infrastructure Act set up the DUTY of the government to consult the CCC. It is hardly a big feather in their cap that they turn to the CCC for further advice. But what is this beyond prevarication? Claire Perry promotes a "Green" week. But isn''t it ironic that the first fracking since 2011 is scheduled for today. A fracking enabled by her government which overturned local opposition at all levels - community, parish council - Borough and County councils. Sadly, the government''s response to previous CCC reports has been less than all-embracing. Frankly this does nothing to convince anyone outside the Tory-hugging industry ranks that this government is interested in doing more than propping itself up while the major other issue of Brexit will determine its future. Claire Perry is judged by her previous and current actions as caring little about serious action to prevent climate change.

Energy storage needs £6bn UK investment by 2030 to keep pace with renewables, research finds

Aurora recommended, to the National Infrastructure Commission , that we should virtually ignore nuclear energy and replace it with about five times as many turbines as we have at the moment. Gross generation over time was the parameter modelled, seemingly ignoring the long periods of virtually no generation. Five times nothing is still nothing, and storage on the scale required is impossible. Perhaps I missed something? Richard Phillips

Carbon-negative batteries and food waste plastics: The best green innovations of the week

"Ammonia, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen, is a key component of most industrial fertiliser" Where does this nitrogen come from in "slow-release fertiliser made from waste cooking oil."???? Richard Phillips

'Disappointed' EU capitals agree on 35% car CO2 cuts

Exactly what is meant by "cuts in emissions" is not clear to me, and I would suspect not to the participants either. Cuts from what starting point? Does this involve numbers of cars, or the total emitted by the two classes? It is noteworthy that not a single one of the people involved in these discussions had any qualification remotely connected with the sciences or engineering. They were all lawyers or connected with social matters. Not one can have understood, in principal, what they were talking about. Great. Richard Phillips

Course details confirmed for 2019 Sustainability Leadership Programme

It occurred to me a while back that sustainability ''professionals'' were mostly employed in marketing departments when they could achieve far more by reporting to the FD. Above all else no business can be sustainable if they cannot make long term profits. Marketing has often overlooked sustainability as they promote the use of ever more elaborate packaging to grab consumer attention regardless of cost (especially to the planet). The recent highlight on the need to reduce or avoid the use of plastics is the opposite of this. One of Cranfield''s key discipline is agriculture - and the Institution of Agricultural Engineers have their offices on campus. Their annual conference has the theme of Collaboration this year. The key point o this is the need for corporates to break down their silos and, rather than individuals seeking single points of best practice, learning to find solutions that give a far greater overall gain. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is great for this. Rather than simply ask for energy efficiency for a single building ESOS looks at whole business energy use. Reducing the need for energy in the supply chain can achieve far more than simple schemes. In our field(!) we can show an automated greenhouse installed on a modern retail warehouse can give gains and benefits far beyond the tiny amount of energy generated by rooftop solar PV - but that needs collaboration. Building the business case is key - and we feel the finance department is whee this should start. I do hope this course highlights this need for collaboration!

MPs propose compulsory metering powers for water firms


Virgin Atlantic to showcase low-carbon 'recycled' jet fuel next month

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Is 2017 the Year of the Flying Car? - Cranfield University Blog

Boeing is getting serious about flying cars (link below), it seems the tipping point is getting closer...

Tesco removes fruit and veg 'best before' dates

I have noticed that Lidl fresh produce already lacks a sell by/best before date.

Almost two-thirds of UK businesses yet to set emissions targets, survey reveals

I may be cynical, but - across the broad range of UK private companies - I would be amazed if even 1% had set a specific, numerical target for reducing their emissions. I am always suspicious of surveys like this (I have commissioned several in the past, and learned to discount the findings owing to a positive confirmation bias), but note that those questioned included energy managers, and most private companies don''t have a designated energy manager. Even if it only applied to private companies with an energy bill in excess of 2 million, I''d be a little surprised at the 27% figure for those that do have targets. The respected (but tough) Science Based Targets Initiative lists fewer than a dozen large UK corporates who have set such targets, despite around 50 having committed to do so.

UK Power Networks introduces first electric vans to its London fleet

Struggling to see how 34,472 worth of fuel translates to 133 tonnes of CO2 saved. That much fuelnequates to 5,700 gallons and 230,000 miles (@40mpg city centre) which is approx 30,000 miles per vehicle over 5 years which is a typical London centric figure. Based on 2.68kg CO2 per litre that is 70te total...

Brexit countdown: How the green economy could fare in each possible deal scenario

There is a smell of self intrest on every side?

A third of UK businesses have invested in onsite battery storage, survey reveals

Whilst great news for renewables storage penetration, I don''t believe the headline and some content of the article is accurate. 1/3 of survey respondents (about 333 energy managers) companies have invested in onsite battery storage by the sounds of it. Other statistics quoted also seem to refer to the survey sample rather than the whole UK business community. As there are over 1.9 million Ltd companies registered in UK and millions of other business entities, care should be taken when extrapolating up in this way.

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