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SSE's electric vans and Scotland's 'greenest' football team: The sustainability success stories of t

I would have thought that wind turbine blades would be the very definition of the "circular economy". They only do one thing. Fun Fact. Turbine blades are manufactured on the IOW and are shipped by barge across the Solent for finishing. The name of the barge used? Blade Runner of course. Spoke to an SSE engineer a couple of years ago and he said that all SSE installations big and small had a 13A socket and Electric Vans would fit in very well with their work. I wonder if anybody pays for the tiny amount of power that can be taken or if it is too small to meter.

Cheltenham retirement complex to slash emissions with ground source heat pumps

Colin - very valid questions to which I admit I don''t have concrete answers. However when a Heat Pump is built in at source the payback is not really an issue as buildings need a source of heating be that HP or "wet" CH. When retrofitted to an existing property it can cost tens of thousands and payback can be measured in decades (from my own investigations into my house), even if you factor in replacing a failed wet boiler. In summer people will still require Hot Water so the HP will still be providing that. It may be engineeringly possible to use reverse cooling to provide this but that might make the system too complex to be viable. And good point, why not install solar panels on the complex roof to provide the electricity to power the HP?

Cheltenham retirement complex to slash emissions with ground source heat pumps

What is the cost of the system and payback timings? What are the savings compared to gas? How efficient is the system in summer where heat is not required? Does the process reverse to provide cooling? Why don t they use Renewable electricity To be zero carbon?

Cheltenham retirement complex to slash emissions with ground source heat pumps

"the heat pumps will produce 33 tonnes of CO2 annually" - This is VITALLY important to note. Heat Pumps are NOT ZERO CARBON and therefore should never be described as such. Now I happen to think developments like this are vital to the need to change our heating from burning things (coal, oil, gas, biomass). District heating systems, such as this retirement complex or the system using the Clyde, are the best way forward as they benefit from both an economy of scale and by having been designed specifically for a particular need. Plus with well insulated buildings they work far more effectively. The recent article on BBC News about using town/city parks and green spaces as GSHP is also interesting as long as the green spaces are not damaged as they play a vital role in cleaning the air in urban areas. My worry is that Heat Pumps will be forced upon every household regardless as for many older homes (in fact some new builds too) they simply do not work effectively enough to heat the home properly or efficiently. Knee Jerk reactions or policy decisions for "green credentials" will not help but could make the situation far far worse and cost homeowners large fortunes which most simply do not have.

FOUR DAYS LEFT to register for edie's business fleet electrification masterclass

When everybody has done it, from where does the electricity come????? Richard Phillips

FIFA vows to deliver carbon-neutral 2022 World Cup

This all seems very late in the day. We''re two years off the tournament and this is being pledged now?! What about all the damage caused already, also, how can FIFA claim what they are here, when it is glaring that there are a multitude of questions and unstable commitments. Massive greenwashing underway again.

Facilities management giant Mitie sets 2025 net-zero carbon target

Really good to see an FM provider getting its house in good Carbon order - great move. FM companies can play a massive role working with clients to change not only their environmental behaviours but their social behaviours as well. To date this opportunity has not been seized. Look forward to seeing Mitie develop a full circular economy plan and reporting fully and transparently.

Heathrow commits to becoming zero-carbon airport by mid-2030s

How about covering all those square meters of roof space with solar panels to generate all the power the airport needs (and then some)? If that''s not enough what''s stopping installation of solar panels in the field alongside the taxiways? Instead of just "offsetting" do something concrete and visible.

Government unveils plans for ?1.2bn climate 'supercomputer'

CO2 is the catalyst in a positive feedback cycle. A small increase in CO2 increases the temperature, which leads to more water vapour, as you note; a stronger greenhouse gas, which in turn increases temperature - amplifying the effect of the temperature increase in CO2. The amount of water vapour would not have changed if all other variables had remained the same. Hence, the importance of the role of CO2, and other gases, in warming the climate. I would be interested to know what enquiries you made to the Met Office, and what their response was. Many thanks. Regards,

Accelerating climate action: edie evolves flagship energy and sustainability event into Net-Zero Liv

The first mission should be "by what mechanism does CO2 influence global warming?" Is the rise in global temperature associated with, or caused by, the rise in CO2, still only 0.04% of our atmosphere, and only one fiftieth of the water vapour, the big GHG? Then explain it. But that is difficult, so just accepted. Are we being a bit too green? Richard Phillips

Government unveils plans for £1.2bn climate 'supercomputer'

Undoubtedly a very fine new computer; but we must be ever aware that if there is any error in the input data, the output be useless!!! The Met Office have a fixed idea of the influence of one part in fifty of CO2 on the major greenhouse gas, water vapour. But this seems to be without a definitive model of just how CO2 manages to punch so much above its weight. My enquiries of them have produced only one answer which was, frankly, ludicrous. I pointed out the error; since then silence!!! Rubbish in, rubbish out. Richard Phillips

Government focuses on hydrogen in £90m industrial decarbonisation funding

250,000 people amounts to only a small town. Let''s see some commitment to reducing energy demand through improving energy losses in buildings too. Renewables on their own won''t be enough!

Government focuses on hydrogen in ?90m industrial decarbonisation funding

Wow 90 million and I have a Hydrogen Turbine generator concept which I have had to take to the Berlin Technical University to even get the project assessed and be considered for initial modelling. We are now searching for funding to cover costs of initial modelling. Correct .... No Help/support from Innovate UK ... NO HELP nor support from Advanced Propulsion Centre UK in fact I would say stifled & Blocked Was it my connection with USA Company who have developed Low voltage Hydrogen production and the intention to have Hydrogen produced on board EVs and On site for Off grid houses. The biggest problems. are trying to make "Clean Energy fit into the existing systems & networks devised for the use of Fossil Fuels. NOT NEEDED. I can produce Hydrogen in my lounge and my Toy H2 Fuel Cell car whizzes along the carpet. New Energy new systems

Sadiq Khan sets up ?50m fund to bring London to net-zero

So Mr Scott, hydrogen is going to be cheaper. Please explain where we are going to get the de ionised water needed to make electrolytic hydrogen from renewable electricity which is the only low carbon solution currently available. Then hydrogen has One third of the calorific value Of natural gas so you need to burn three times as much to get the same heat as the Methane boiler. It s therefore needs to be one third of the price. We burn twice as much energy for heat in the UK as the electricity we use so we need a shed load more electricity to make electrolytic hydrogen to replace this heat. Pure hydrogen in steel pipes makes them brittle so all of London s pipework will need systematically to be replaced with plastic. Hydrogen burns with an invisible flame and therefore cannot be used for cooking either. Overall not as easy as you seem to make out.

Sadiq Khan sets up ?50m fund to bring London to net-zero

I would suggest that the people such as Greenpeace etc should stop protesting and support projects which could/will bring about Zero Emissions in use EVs and other energy creation methods. Likewise the Mayors Office does not even bother to reply to offers/requests for support Sorry to say that whilst the Emissions Free Zones sound good they only apply to vehicles what about all those Gas Boilers using methane Natural gas. Hydrogen = Zero Emissions = make money available for development. All that is happening is that a small amount in terms of the Global problem is being challenged, whilst there are massive sewage pipes pouring into the lake. Hydrogen Globally because it can be achieved more rapidly because it will be a lower cost for all countries and people.

Plan to expand Bristol airport rejected after climate protests

The Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Climate Change Report regarding their responsible investment stratgey is available here

Can HS2 comply with the UK's net-zero target?

The primary question is "Will Rail as a passenger inter city transport system be overtaken by Innovation in Electric Auto Pilot Drones within 5 years ? " Secondary question, "Who will want to pay hundreds of pounds/who will be able to pay for a ticket. Where is the electricity coming from for all these expansions in electrified transportation. Especially if HyPulJet Ezi H2 becomes available, HSR 2 will not be completed. HyPulJet is a concept for Hydrogen Turbine as a generator and Ezi H2 is Low voltage H2 production method to be adapted for on board H2 production already developed bu USA company. HSR 2 is not a 21st Century means of transport..... auto pilot Zero emissions drones and auto pilot zero emissions cars are the future. 500,000 in funding to Berlin Technical University to carry out initial modelling. 100,000,000,000 would cover the cost of making every house in the UK Zero emissions Clearly wrong use of Tax payers funds, probably to line the pockets of Tory Party donors

Sector coupling: Electrification of transport and buildings could slash emissions by 60%

Only a 75% increase in electricity demand? Really? Who came up with that figure. If the entire UK car fleet is swapped to Electric, the UK switches to electric based heating (Heat Pumps use electricity) and we start to create Hydrogen by electrolysis then it will be more than a 75% increase, more likely a 200% increase in demand. And to use electricity to create Hydrogen requires an EXCESS of electricity and results in less energy available from the Hydrogen than it took to make it so a net negative to the energy balance. Not to mention that electricity costs 3x as much per KWHr as Gas and Oil to heat our homes

In the wake of Davos, what lies ahead for 2020? - The JLL Blog

I like the photo you used. Maybe we should encourage vertical gardening in high rise accommodations and even, dare I say it, commercial properties. Just imagine the square meterage of green you could achieve in London if every balcony had a window box, every wall/fence/shed had a vertical garden? If every roof was a garden? As plants take in CO2 to grow and provide us with Oxygen they also filter out particulates and other chemicals from the air so our cities would become cleaner, nicer places to live.

Reports: Budget to include new energy efficiency and EV subsidies to spur net-zero progress

Incentives for development of "slot in" alternative wet central heating boilers would be a good start. At present there is no viable alternative to heating the water in common wet heating systems. Heat Pumps don''t get hot enough to do the job efficiently and effectively as current CH requires water temperatures of 65-70 C which Heat Pumps, at present, can not reach. So to change from gas or oil heating you need to completely replace the entire system. Boiler, Radiator and all the hundreds of meters of pipework at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds. Encourage someone to develop a "Thermodynamic" system than can simply slot into the system and replace the boiler and still provide water to 70 C.

Reports: BlackRock and Barclays to act on climate investment calls

IT''S NOT JUST FUEL!!! Even if we stop burning oil and gas tomorrow humanity will still be demanding petroleum for decades to come for everything from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, from nylons to Gore-Tex(tm), from anti-corrosion paints for offshore wind turbines to plastic parts in EVs, from circuit boards to lifesaving medical equipment. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ENVIRO-BULL

Lego to ditch virgin fossil plastics by 2030

Correction: should read as, ''Danish newspaper B rsen''.

Accelerating aviation's carbon reduction journey - The Fly Aware blog

Hi Tim, thanks for your question. Through CORSIA, the regulation agreed through the International Civil Aviation Organization and governments around the world, airlines will offset growth in CO2 emissions from international flying above current levels. It s entirely funded by airlines and is estimated at $40 billion over the next 15 years. However, CORSIA only covers international flights, so we re encouraging governments to develop a CORSIA-like mechanism that also covers domestic flights. The airlines would fund that offsetting too, not taxpayers. Offsetting is just part of the solution, which is why we re also working with governments to increase the production of sustainable aviation fuels to meet growing demand, modernise air traffic management systems and support hybrid and electric aircraft research and development. There are lots of pieces of the puzzle to reduce our impact upon the climate. In the meantime, a growing number of airlines, airports and manufacturers have committed to going net-zero, and others offer passengers options to offset their flights if they would like to reduce their personal carbon footprint. It s our responsibility to tackle this challenge, but we welcome everyone participating if they want.

Scotland Budget outlines multi-million-pound pots for net-zero heat and agriculture

Good to see the Scottish Government moving away from their destructive policy of onshore wind and supporting things like Tidal Stream and more Hydro. Scotland is blessed (some might say cursed) with some of the highest rainfall in Europe so should be making the most of our liquid assets. We are also blessed with some very warm coastal and tidal waters that could, through development of district heating systems, heat our buildings for no carbon at all. You just have to look at the steam rising from Loch Linnhe on a cold winters day to realise there is a huge reservoir of heat right on Fort William''s doorstep to be tapped. However I would like to see more R&D into alternative domestic heating systems other than the bog standard Heat Pumps. As I''ve said previously Heat Pumps don''t work well with older homes and wet Central Heating as they simply do not heat the water hot enough (it needs 65-70 C not the 40-45 C from a heat pump). So until there is a "thermodynamic" system that can slot in and replace the traditional gas and oil fired boiler and reach 70 C it will be prohibitively expensive to replace the entire wet CH system. Still it is an improvement on the single egg in the basket we''ve seen up to now.

COP26: Boris Johnson to move diesel ban forward to 2035 and call for global net-zero transition

Given to replace the UK fleet of vehicles with fully electric will take twice as much Cobalt as exists on Earth when will the Green" movement realise that EVs are NOT the answer? What will happen if someone develops a liquid fuel from a fully renewable source, such as algae or seaweed or even domestic food waste? What if someone finds a way to create kerosene/diesel from waste products? Will the government backtrack and re-permit clean/lean burn Internal Combustion? Road to Hell IS Paved With Good Intentions

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