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Conservative Party leadership: What are the final 10's records on environmental policy?

The ''Gove-effect'' has been 100 times that of the Leadsom (she was his predecessor). Anyone disagree?

Scotland and Wales place hopes in battery power

The important measure is KW h not KW. More data please.

War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita: Supermarkets brace for further backlash on packaging

Congratulations on outstanding reporting! Please come over to the USA (the colonies) and have a go at the same thing here. We need it desperately!!!

War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita: Supermarkets brace for further backlash on packaging

We have been here before! Back in the late 1990s, people had become worried about waste packaging, especially plastics. WRAP (Waste and Resource Action Programme) was set-up to promote sustainable waste management. Also in 2005, the Courtould Commitment, a voluntary commitment to reduce was signed by the major UK supermarkets. Nearly tens years later, we are still talking about the problem, despite the propaganda, that the UK was doing something about it! The UK is still very much, the ''Dirty Man of Europe''.

Prime Minister agrees legally binding net-zero emissions target for 2050

Yes we need to achieve this but it needs to be on a life-cycle analysis basis to negate any unintended consequences on social and environmental grounds from the mining of minerals.

UK Government's Smart Export Guarantee to stabilise small-scale renewables market

"cost of residential solar panels which are now more than 50% cheaper compared to 2011" The cost of panels is way cheaper than 50% but electricians and scaffolding etc are slightly more expensive. Do we have to wait to 2020? Octopus Energy and others are offering something like 5.5p Kwh for export. Bless them

Business giants launch plastics 'credit' scheme to tackle pollution

I never get excited about schemes for offsetting, crediting etc because we all know they will be ineffective and open to abuse. It just extends the status quo but gives the impression that something serious is being done. I would recommend a look at the German System where the packaging producers are responsible for the collection and recycling of the packaging once used. Not as complex as you might think but simple and elegant. The producers have to pay a fee for every piece of packaging they produce. This fee is used to pay for a free, nationwide collection and recycling service (yellow bin). The harder the packaging is to recycle like tetra paks the more they have to pay.

Groceries 'Unpacked': Waitrose pilots packaging-free refill offering

Hi Keiron, Waitrose has ensured that all of the products available loose will be sold for at least 30p per kilo less than the packaged versions of own-brand lines in this case. Best, Sarah, edie.

Groceries 'Unpacked': Waitrose pilots packaging-free refill offering

It has to be as cheap or better still cheaper to purchase fruit and veg, dry goods and even beer and wine than to purchase the plastic wrapped, plastic bottled variety. When families are living hand to mouth and every penny counts it doesn''t matter how "green" something is, if there is a cheaper alternative people will choose it when it is the difference between overdraft and money in the bank or heating the house or fuelling the car to get to work

Parliament to debate bill committing UK to net-zero by 2050

Question-will this be based on life cycle analysis or purely on GHG? There is a big difference and there could be unintended consequences if life cycle analysis is not used.

Parliament to debate bill committing UK to net-zero by 2050

Only if every molecule of Carbon Dioxide is counted and that includes every breath we take. OK that might sounds ridiculous but the fact that Drax gets renewable subsidies to ship thousands of tonnes of wood pellets across the Atlantic, burning hundreds of thousands of litres of fuel oil every trip, not to mention the diesel used to truck them about and the petrol used to operate the chainsaws, does make a mockery of any claims to be "carbon neutral" or net zero carbon. It isn''t just about being net zero carbon but reducing energy wastage across the board, from our homes to our offices to our industries. Then reducing material wastage so we don''t just use something once and throw it away. Everything we do every single day uses energy and creates waste products be that solid waste (plastic bags etc) or waste heat (which may be a bigger driver than CO2 in climate warming). Biggest thing we can all do to help though is simple. Grow plants! Window boxes, hanging baskets, pots, raised beds, allotments, rooftop gardens. Green leafed plants everywhere. Clean the air, take in CO2 give out O2, improve air quality and humidity. If we really want to be green then we all need to grow things and stop throwing stuff away.

Waitrose to invest £1m in innovative projects tackling plastic waste

Hi Would it not be customary that all of the plastics can be recovered in a new product . This product can be recycled and also reused we have a product like this because we can recycle a lot . But we have the product and have to use it for sustainable products new materials and products that can be reused and recycled . We have such product(s) but are in need of funds to start everything .

Government urged to set 2040 net-zero target for Humber

"Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond and BEIS's Clark reportedly recommended that the CCC's advice should be rejected, largely on the grounds of upfront cost and economic and social risk." Added to these doubts are the sheer technical problems, as near to impossibilities as it is possible to go, of achieving the goals set out. It is totally impossible to generate the electrical power needed on a demand lead (or any other) basis, by the use of renewable power, and the prospect of constructing the number of nuclear stations needed, in a mere 25 to 30 years, is risible; our nuclear industry was destroyed 30 years ago, all the expertise has to be rebuilt. The CCC report; forget it. Richard Phillips

Fish scale plastics and lifts which store energy: The best green innovations of the week

Fully electric ferries; smooth, quiet, I am sure, but where is the electricity to charge it going to come from when all the other "electric" vehicles, so eagerly promoted, are built. All the car manufacturers are moving, so it seems, to EVs. This means that electricity has to be generated, from non fossil sources, to replace all the diesel and petrol currently powering our cars and lorries. Renewables are too intermittent, nuclear seems to be stalled. Policies are in the hands of politicians who are almost totally ignorant of the technology. The generating capacity to be set in place is too large for the present Grid to carry, and which will have to be heavily up graded; from power station to household. Fuel from air. Energy will be needed to extract the CO2, at 0.04% from the air. The Fischer-Tropsch reaction is energy adsorbing. The fuel will not return the energy used in in production. At very best the return is equal, but that discounts inefficiency. Richard Phillips

'Radical action by 2030' needed to tackle Scotland's climate challenges

Apart from the fact that Scotland is still rebounding after the last ice age so we experience Sea Level drop around the country, most clearly seen as raised beaches at many locations so one has to ask where all the coastal flooding is going to come from.

UK celebrates first coal-free fortnight for electricity grid

Yes, Emma Pinchbeck is an ideal commentator and director on the technical side of electricity generation, MA Classics and English, and a management course. I was an FRIC, and worked for 35 years at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, just not the same is it? Richard Phillips

UK celebrates first coal-free fortnight for electricity grid

Word of the day is Serendipity! :) I await with baited breath for the this statement in 2025 to be fulfilled ''''There is still a lot of work to do, but operating a zero-carbon electricity system in 2025, whenever there is sufficient renewable generation, is a major steppingstone to full decarbonisation of the entire electricity system. This will enable new technologies and removes barriers to ever-increasing levels of renewables''''...... Emma Pinchbeck The barrier will be the renewables and the intermittency of generation. The more renewables the more gas fired peaking plants will need to run in the dark and zero wind days, collectively still producing carbon and in sum scenarios more carbon that the reduction created by continuous ramping up & down of generators. Instead of looking at how many days we didn''t burn coal I suggest looking at the days that wind didn''t produce energy v''s the Co2 saving that where lost. Wind energy is still the greatest swindle of consumer taxes funding, propping up hopes and dreams of intermittency in a Serendipity way!

UK celebrates first coal-free fortnight for electricity grid

Yes, its been warm, its called serendipity. Richard Phillips.

Report: Clear CCUS policy needed for UK net-zero emissions goal

The new report analyses commitments made under the Clean Growth Strategy, which committed up to 20m for viable CCUS schemes as the UK forges ahead with its coal plant phase out by 2025. Does it not occur to anyone in this business that if CCUS could me made to work at a sensible cost, then coal become an ideal source of energy for electricity production? Why do we persist with this ilogocal policy of seeking to ban coal while devising the system that makes it acceptable?

UK 'to double' aid support for climate challenges in developing nations

How about spending that extra 1 billion at home? Helping the lower income households access cleaner, greener energy sources, helping lower income homes insulate better so they don''t spend so much staying warm or helping everyone, no matter their income, be able to install renewable heating and power in every home. Great that we help poorer nations advance and miss the dirty fuel stage or help remote farming communities in sub saharan Africa have light but charity starts at home and there are thousands living in fuel poverty in this country.

UK goes 11 days coal-free (and counting)

But not gas free. As well as coal free, there have been occasions when the power supply has also been very nearly wind energy free as well. When you can command the wind will be the day to raise your banner. Richard Phillips

Public EV charge points outnumber petrol stations in the UK

Well said all. An EV owning acquaintance, with a car having a range of 140 miles, has had bad experiences with expected charging points being out of order, and, on one occasion just making the next, on the motorway pushing the last few yards! When batteries are the same size and weight of my 60+litre tank, fit for 500+ miles, the price of the cars are competitive, and the power stations to supply current have been built; perhaps they will become popular. In the meantime, count me out! Richard Phillips

IEA: Developed nations should support nuclear to reach climate goals

It is Fatih Birol, a Turkish gentleman. And he is absolutely correct. The idiocy, founded on gross ignorance of the science and engineering facts of nuclear energy, of shying away from nuclear power is quite mind numbing. No renewable source is able to generate on a demand lead basis, or at the level required, the founding essentials of power provision. The present mob-lead craze for "zero carbon" is a road back to the stone age, just think about it. The inmates are truly ruling the asylum. Richard Phillips

Public EV charge points outnumber petrol stations in the UK

Really? Pull the other one it has a whopping great bell on it! Here in Fort William we have 4 charging points located in 2 out of the way car parks. Morrisons Fuel Station has 8 fuel pumps as do Gleaner, BP and Esso for a total of 32 fuelling points. A liquid fuelled vehicle can fill up in around 5 minutes. An EV around 15 and that is to 80% full. When EV''s can fill up to the brim in 5 minutes and there are an equivalent number of charge points located where people might actually go to use them (ie Fuel Stations) then you have something to sing from the roofs about.

Drax confirms plans to create UK's first zero-carbon cluster in Humber

I see that I made an omission that must be puzzling, in my first comment. It should have read: 2 Volume for volume, hydrogen contains only ONE THIRD of the amount of energy a natural gas, methane. Thus for the same purpose , three times the volume is needed; or at three times the pressure. Ten in the morning is far too early for advancing octogenarians!! Richard Phillips

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