Geosynthetic clay liner designed for dual role

The Lintobent range of geosynthetic clay liners launched by GSE Lining Technology on to the UK and Irish markets is stated to be technically advanced. This range of GCLs is designed for both primary and secondary lining applications in waste disposal, hydraulic engineering and structural sealing projects. It is stated to be simple and quick to install using standard construction equipment.

Lintobent’s structure consists of a composite of woven geotextile and polypropylene fibrous mass into which granular sodium bentonite is firmly embedded. An upper non-woven polypropylene geotextile is thermally bonded to these fibres, during the production process.

Once installed, the Lintobent absorbs water from the surrounding soil to hydrate the bentonite. The inherent strength of the thermal bond confines the free swelling properties of the hydrated bentonite. This produces a product with low permeability and with high internal shear strength in both the dry and saturated conditions, The absence of needle punching throughout the entire assembly assists in controlling leakage of hydrated bentonite through to the upper geotextile.

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