Get to grips with Scope 3 emissions using edie’s new Explains guide for businesses

The download explains everything you need to know about the growing importance of tackling Scope 3 emissions

The new guide, produced with assistance from supporting partners Carbon Intelligence answers key questions on Scope 3 emissions, including what are Scope 3 emissions? How are they calculated? How can they be mitigated and reduced? And, what are the business benefits of doing so?


The GHG Protocol defines Scope 3 emissions as “all indirect emissions that occur in the value chain of the reporting company, including both upstream and downstream”. Already it becomes clear to see why this is a much harder area to abate. Businesses are now striving to engage with suppliers and create low-carbon and easily recyclable products and services to reduce value chains emissions.

For most businesses Scope 3 emissions also make up the lion’s share of their total emissions. Many organisations report that 80% of their emissions fall under the auspices of Scope 3 and, for some, Scope 3 accounts for as much as 97% of their overall emissions. Therefore, in the context of the UK government’s 2050 net-zero target, they are arguably the most important emissions to address.

The guide has been produced with assistance from supporting partners Carbon Intelligence and explains everything you need to know about Scope 3 emissions. It features a case study from Carbon Intelligence on the work they did with Nando’s to combine animal welfare with carbon emission reductions.

edie has also published a round-up of how business leaders are taking proactive steps to tackle scope 3 emissions located in the supply chain, utilising everything from supplier forums to science-based targets and discounts on renewable energy purchasing. Read the feature here.

edie’s next online masterclass will soon be available for registration, and will also focus on Scope 3 emissions. Details on the session will be available shortly. In the meantime, download the edie Explains guide here.

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