Getting ahead in greenwaste shredding

Based in Glasgow, recycling machinery specialist Doppstadt (UK) Ltd has seen record sales of its shredders in the last twelve months, and is consolidating its position in the composting sector this year following the sale of two AK430 high speed hammermill shredders for greenwaste processing in the last five weeks.

The first machine was sold in early January to D. J. Williams, based in

Llantrisant, South Wales. The company specialises in site clearance, but

owner David Williams is now setting up a new compnay, TRASC Ltd, and is

expanding the business to include contract greenwaste and wood shredding. In

June last year, the company was appointed by the Waste Recycling Group (WRG)

as the shredding contractor for its 40,000 tonne/year composting facility in

Thorpe, Surrey. The site receives greenwaste from Civic Amenity Sites and

Parks Departments throughout Surrey, and produces a range of compost grades

which are sold on for the landscape and retail markets.

To service the new contract, D. J. Williams took delivery of the latest AK

430 Profi high speed shredder from Doppstadt to take over from the firm¹s

Vermeer tub grinder, which is now being used on site clearance contracts.

The 429hp machine has been supplied with self-propel and remote control

functions, and is prepped for an overband magnet for wood shredding. To

ensure optimum material sizing for composting, a 200mm rear gate was

specified, and the machine also has fire protection, now a standard feature

on the new generation of AK high speed shredders.

“Doppstadt was the only company who could supply a shredder capable of

delivering consistent end product quality from 50mm down,” explains owner

David Williams. “In addition, the build quality and the productivity were

key considerations for us and the machine has outperformed the throughput

figures given to us by Doppstadt and is regularly shredding over 400 tonnes

(approx. 1,200m³) of greenwaste a day.”

According to David, the quality of the final product from the Doppstadt

shredder is significantly better than that achieved by the shredders

previously used by WRG on the site.

“Not only is the shredded material finer, but the structure of the material

produced encourages the aerobic activity necessary for effective composting.

The AK430 has also dramatically reduced the amount of oversize material from

30-40% to 7-10%.”

The second machine to be sold for greenwaste processing has been installed

at Cheshire-based compost producer CRJ Services Ltd. The company was

established less than two years ago, and this year is on course to process

15,000 tonnes of greenwaste from County and Borough Council CA sites in the

area and produce over 7,000 tonnes of compost to be used as a soil improver

on agricultural land.

The AK430 will deliver a 40% increase in throughput for CRJ, and features a

self-propel drive system to create windrows as part of the shredding

operation. The decision to invest in the new machine underpins the company¹s

target to double the tonnage of greenwaste processed on the site within the

next 12 months.

“We were looking for practical technology, a high level of reliability and

service, and increased throughput,” explains Lee Carter, one of the three

company partners. ” When we evaluated the shredders available on the market,

the Doppstadt machines were recommended time and time again, and having now

seen the AK430 in operation on our site, we have made the right choice.”

The latest AK430 model delivers a number of design benefits, including

separation of the drive engine from the shredding unit, which allows easy

access for servicing and improves safety by minimising the risk of dust

build-up in the engine. To minimise blockages and stress caused by

overloading, a load sensing device automatically reverses the feed roller

and scraper floor when the amount of material being fed to the hammermill is

too great, and if tramp material is present, an hydraulic accumulator system

opens the rear gate and allows the material to fall through.

Improved cooling performance has also been achieved by relocating the

radiator to the front end of the machine, where there is less risk of dust

contamination. The swing out design makes it easy to access and clean the

radiator and the engine area, and the large, reversible fan works at low

revolutions to reduce noise levels, and reverses itself every seven minutes

to remove dust from the radiator.

“Interest in composting is increasing significantly in the UK and the main

priorities for compost producers are efficiency and productivity,” says

sales director George Kehoe. “The AK shredders enable operators to maximise

throughput and bottom line competitiveness, while producing a material which

meets the necessary specifications for effective composting.”

Doppstadt (UK) Ltd also supply a comprehensive range of machinery for all

stages of the composting process, including windrow turners, wind sifters, mixers and

trommel screens

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