In ‘Fair is worth fighting for!’ launched today (April 15) in Brighton the party promised ‘millions’ of new jobs through the savings.

By slashing funds to the trident nuclear system, ID cards and cutting back spending on roads, party leader Caroline Lucas hopes to convince voters to go green.

Cutting road spending alone will free up around £30bn according to the party, with a further £80bn freed up by ditching trident.

A Green government would also income tax for those earning more than £100,000 a year – that is 2% of the population – to 50%.

The party aims to invest around £44bn in renewable energy, public transport, greening housing and waste management.

While using the other savings to raise the national minimum wage to £8.10 an hour and making pensions £170 a week.

Ms Lucas said: “Our key messages are those on the environment, on the economy and on fairness.

“We believe that the choice between safeguarding the environment and the economy is a false one – if you want to see how ‘green’ a party is, look at its economic policies.

“We are calling for a major change, for social and economic justice that would see 87% of the population significantly better off.

“Now is the time for radical tax reform, with those on higher incomes paying more, and those on lower incomes better off.

“For example, we have pledged to provide a citizens pension of £170 per week. At the moment, a quarter of pensioners are living in poverty. Thirteen years ago Labour promised to link pensions to earnings – and we’re still waiting.”

The manifesto includes plans for government investment to create around a million jobs and training places across many sectors, including jobs for carers, midwives, plumbers, builders, engineers and public transport workers.

Effectively this will mean doubling the current spending on waste management, according to the party.

The party has high hopes of gaining its first MP and is fielding the largest ever number of candidates in a UK general election with more than 300 vying for votes.

Luke Walsh

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