Harpers wheels in with ATS

Harpers Waste Management Solutions has adopted a managed tyre policy with ATS Euromaster at its two largest depots in York and Billingham.

The agreement will see Michelin tyres fitted across 45 commercial vehicles in its fleet, marking a distinct change from the company’s previous tyre procurement policy which saw a number of different brands fitted by a range of suppliers.

ATS Euromaster is also carrying out monthly tyre inspections at both branches, checking tyre pressures and reporting on damage and abnormal wear patterns. “We’re initially working with ATS Euromaster at these two locations to demonstrate the fuel saving which can be achieved through better tyre management,” says Kevin Maguire, depot manager at Harpers.

“The target is to improve fuel economy by at least 3%, combined with extending the life of each tyre through a combination of regrooving, rotating and ensuring tyres are always inflated to the optimum pressure,” he adds.

The monthly inspections performed by ATS Euromaster will enable the company to build-up a bank of performance information, comparing tyre set-ups on different vehicles in the fleet to influence future specification. These inspections are carried out in addition to the daily visual tyre checks by drivers and standard weekly torque-checks.

ATS Euromaster


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