Household CO2 emissions on par with polluting industries

It would take a forest over three and a half times bigger than London to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted from UK homes in one year, according to the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

Homes in the UK are one of the leading culprits of CO2 emissions, making up around 28% of the national total and putting seemingly harmless homes on a par with industry emissions.

“People immediately think the biggest threats to our environment are large industrial power stations or our cars, when our homes are just as much, if not more to blame,” chief executive of EST, Philip Sellwood stated. “Every household in the UK creates around six tonnes of CO2 every year – the equivalent weight of an African bull elephant.”

If households took simple steps to conserve energy, they could reduce carbon emissions by around two tonnes per house each year, as well as save around £200 in annual energy bills.

Tips from the EST include:

  • Turn down your thermostat by one degree to save £30 a year
  • Replace an ordinary lightbulb with a low energy one to save £7 on annual electricity costs
  • Turn off electrical appliances when not in use instead of leaving them on standby
  • Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms<br
  • Only boil enough water in the kettle to meet your needs

    “It is imperative we become more aware of the energy we use in our homes and reduce our carbon dioxide emissions,” Mr Sellwood continued.

    “This can be achieved through simple measures such as walking to shops instead of taking the car, and these measures make very little impact on our every day lives but will help us to combat climate change.”

    By Jane Kettle

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