HSM adds denser baling and metal strapping to latest models

Improved efficiency is currently one of the watchwords of the recovery and recycling industry. At all levels of operation the companies and organisations involved are striving to drive down costs by maximising efficiencies and economies. A clear example of this is the effort to reduce handling, transport and storage costs. A major contributor to a cost reduction programme of this type is the move to produce heavier, denser bales of waste material. This ensures that the recyclers receive the material in the most appropriate and efficient format, whilst the volume that significantly affects both storage space and transport costs is also reduced.

HSM has focused much of its recent product development efforts in this direction. The latest baler and compactors from the company, including the VL 600 Vertical Baler, produce a denser bale, weighing up to 550 kg, for cardboard, making them easier to store, transport and process. The improved efficiencies are “economies of scale” at work, says HSM.

The VL 600 also benefits from a lower overall height. This makes it suitable for those customers with smaller premises, particularly those that have a low ceiling height. The machine also incorporates an ergonomically positioned automatic sliding door with an extra large opening for improved and more convenient operation.

Another feature that HSM is currently building into new models such as the VL 600 and also the new VL500.2 is the ability to use metal rather that plastic strapping for the bales produced. The metal straps are easy to attach using an eyelet wire. This does not need to be cut but is simply hung on the press, using the eyelet, ready for automatic strapping. Once the bales reach the recycler, magnetic separators automatically extract the strapping from the waste so saving time and cost on sorting the materials.

The latest channel baling press from HSM, the VK 8515, also introduces a number of innovations to the market. The new model combines strength, a pressing force of up to 88 tons, with intelligent operation. The latter advance is achieved using the VK 8515’s Siemens control unit with bus capability. This automatically fine tunes the pressing action based on information from the sensors within the machine as well as simplifying operation via full text instructions. Again, the ability to use wire strapping is also incorporated. The VK8515 is already proving popular in HSM’s home market of Germany where a number of high profile installations have already been completed.

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