Hydrometeorological measuring network for Vienna

Optimisation of Vienna's sewage management system necessitates collection of accurate and detailed meteorological information on precipitation. Carolin Melischek of Austrian instrumentation specialist Logotronic explains how the company is supplying measurement stations based on its most advanced datalogger.

The precipitation measurement network of Vienna consists of 25 measuring stations, allocated over the whole urban area, and of a central computer station and server in the relay chamber of the pumping station on the Danube Isle. It is part of an entire conceptual design, which aims to use the public sewage network as a rain storage reservoir in order to lessen demand on the municipal sewage plant.

In order to collect the meteorological data, stations for parameters like precipitation, temperature, humidity and wind were installed. The seven existing stations, belonging to the municipal department for hydraulic engineering (MA-45), were equipped with new Gealog SG dataloggers while additional data comes from the four existing stations of the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMG). All data are collated and processed at the central computer station.

Some water level stations along the Liesing Brook are driven by solar power. Nearly all stations are equipped with GPRS modems and are connected to the internet using GPRS and format IPSec based virtual private network using a firewall PC at the pumping station.

This ensures that the datalogger inserts the measured values directly into the database with the shortest possible storage rate, as low as one minute if necessary. Visualisation software indicates the measurement values.

The result is that the total precipitation within the urban area can be recorded. The stations automatically report when limit values are reached and subsequently queried every 15 minutes to monitor the event as effectively as possible.

Furthermore, the integrated quality management within the Gealog SG ensures that events like maintenance, mains power failure or low battery voltage are also reported and easily identified. The datalogger accurately gathers meteorological and hydrological parameters which enables well-informed forecasts within the system. This allows for efficient operation of sluices and sliders in the sewer network and provides a sound basis for the sewage network regulation that the City of Vienna has established.

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