IEA calls for a new push on renewables

Governments, industry, researchers and consumers should work actively to promote renewable energy resources, says the International Energy Agency's Renewable Energy Working Party, in a recent report.

Renewables, the group maintains, are the key to a sustainable energy future. At the same time, the report identifies a number of problems that slow the rate at which the market adopts renewables. It suggests several solutions, including: reduction of technology costs, innovative financing mechanisms, stable energy policies, fair access for renewables, information and training, enhanced research and development efforts and international co-operation.

The current renewable energy market is small but growing. The Evolving Renewable Energy Market traces the market’s portrait. It goes on to examine ways in which IEA Member countries can increase the share of renewable energy in their total supply.

The increased push to develop renewables in IEA Member countries is largely driven by environmental concerns, notably the fear of global climate change. In the developing world, renewable energy technologies can offer needed energy services to regions that are poorly served by conventional energy.

Renewable energy development is at a crossroads, says the report. “Notable progress in installing renewable systems has been made in recent years, however, the base is relatively small and the industry is still young. Yet, momentum has picked up. There is significant public support, and the technologies are becoming more reliable and cheaper. Governments are adjusting their policies to encourage greater market penetration of renewable energy and to foster industries based on renewable energy sources”.

For a copy of the report, contact Ms. F. Somers at the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment (NOVEM) International Affairs. The NOVEM reference number is DV2.4.145.

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