Instant Portable Hot Water

At risk from waste or chemicals? Need a quick hose down? The new, unique portable instant hot water heater from innovative equipment specialists, Omnipole, turns cold water to hot in seconds. The powerful PRO 35 high performance propane water heater heats water to temperatures of up to 1000C ..anytime..anywhere.

The Hot PRO 35 is light and convenient to transport and easy to move around. Simply connect the cold hose; push the ‘ignition’ button and there’s an endless flow of hot water in under a minute. Temperatures can be controlled with the handy control knob.

Omnipole’s PRO 35 is easy to set up and very safe to use. Constructed from industrial grade stainless steel, it is built to withstand the harshest environment. Used by both the US and Israeli military as well as the UN, the PRO 35 is built to last.

Why endure cold water, when hot is so instantly available. Call Omnipole on 0208 405 6782 for your PRO 35 today.

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