KEECO wraps up heavy metals

KEECO (Klean Earth Environ-mental Company) is a relatively young environmental company specialising in the provision of a unique Silica Micro Encapsulation (SME) treatment process for the remediation of liquid and solid wastes contaminated by heavy metals or radionuclides.

Serving North American and European markets from offices in the US and the UK, KEECO currently offers three proprietary products, KB-SEA(TM), KB-1(TM) and META-LOCK(TM), which are calcium-silica based formulations manufactured as a chemical powder that can be applied in a dry or slurried form. Each is composed of several chemically active groups, chemisorbed into an inert matrix, which activate on exposure to moisture and cause Silica Micro Encapsulation of heavy metal and radioisotope contaminants.

KB-SEA is composed of several types of particles which are designed to work together to accomplish the chemical remediation of organic and/or metal contaminated solids. When added with a small amount of water, some KB-SEA components dissolve immediately and modify the pH of the contaminated material. Once the pH is adjusted, the other components begin the reaction process of encapsulating the metals.

KB-1(TM) is similar in structure to KB-SEA and utilises a precipitation-flocculation-chemisorption process to achieve SME. It is typically applied in the treatment of acid and/or metal contaminated waters. It has a faster reaction time KB-SEA and produces rapid-settling, inert and low-volume sand-like sediment that is readily separated from the treated water.

META-LOCK(TM) functions in a similar manner to KB-1(TM). However, it has a unique affinity for radioisotope ions and can significantly reduce waste volume (by up to 99%) during treatment of dilute radioactive effluents.

Areas of application include: acid mine/rock drainage; tailings pond effluent; industrial water treatment; groundwater remediation; water supply systems; and potential resource recovery.

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