KitchenAid launches enhanced repair service for UK customers

The brand, famed for its stand mixers, has struck a strategic partnership with Trojan Electronics, a Swansea-based firm specialising in the repair, refurbishment and resale of electrical devices, to offer the repairs. The firm already repairs upwards of 300,000 products each year from other brands.

Trojan will provide a 10-day turnaround service for in-warranty consumer repair of a wide range KitchenAid products, as well as repairs for products outside of the warranty period. In warranty, items are repaired on behalf of KitchenAid, and items out of warranty are processed directly by Trojan.

In project repairs whereby coloured cases need to be replaced, customers will be provided with a matching colour. This is significant given that KitchenAid offers more than 100 colours of casings across its product portfolio.

Trojan engineers have already visited KitchenAid’s European HQ in Belgium, and will shortly visit another of its locations in Estonia, to gain the repair expertise needed.

The hope is that the service will stop repairable appliances from ending up as waste and extend their operational life. This should cut waste from homes and professional kitchens alike.

Trojan Electronics’ chief executive James Rigg said: “We share KitchenAid’s ambition to create domestic appliances that stand the test of time. Often kitchen appliances are replaced in their entirety when one small part stops working – we want to stop that and show that well-built items can be repaired and used for years to come.”

KitchenAid’s parent company is Whirlpool Corporation. It has set out a goal to design all products for repair and recyclability, prioritising the former. Customers should, it stipulates, be able to access spare parts for at least seven years in North America and ten years in Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

KitchenAid’s legal manager Irene De Beni said: “The old adage that a KitchenAid is for life is now an undisputable statement. Whether your product is in or out of warranty, our trusted partners will ensure your product remains fully working.”

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