Landfill operators get in shape to meet deadline for site Conditioning plans

By July 2002 operators of landfill sites will have to submit a Site Conditioning Plan to the Environment Agency to meet the requirements of the Landfill Directive and to avoid the risk of committing a criminal offence. The Agency is assisting landfill operators through a Conditioning Plan Pack and a series of workshops around the country

The Conditioning Plan Pack published by the Environment Agency is aimed at

assisting landfill operators in complying with the Landfill Directive.

The conditioning plan must include details of the site and of any corrective

measures that the operator is intending to provide to meet the requirements

of the Directive. The Agency sees the issuing of the Plan Pack as focusing the

operators’attention on what they may have to do.

The Agency will assess and evaluate the completed plans and sites will be ranked,

with a high priority for sites dealing with hazardous waste or posing a potential

risk to the habitat.

Under the draft Regulations, the Agency’s review of the completed Conditioning

Plans, will be used to decide several main issues:

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