edie library archive for December 2001

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Industrial Environmental Management

  • Water abstraction: reforms in the pipeline? (1-Dec-2001)
  • Targeting the long term effects (1-Dec-2001)
  • Flexible solutions for emissions monitoring (1-Dec-2001)
  • Report shames local authorities (1-Dec-2001)
  • Education, education, education (1-Dec-2001)

  • LAWR

  • Shredders offer iltimate solutions in tackling wide variety of waste (1-Dec-2001)
  • All bets are on for compacts sweeping up after the horses (1-Dec-2001)
  • Sweeper designs face the 'Scrapheap Challenge' (1-Dec-2001)
  • Ireland maps out massive investment to meet EU environmental standards (1-Dec-2001)
  • Improved waste management services needed to halt rise in domestic volumes (1-Dec-2001)
  • Custom-built recycling plant handles construction site debris and waste (1-Dec-2001)

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

  • Good forecast for pipelines (1-Dec-2001)
  • Changing face of water utilities (1-Dec-2001)
  • Calculating the cost of flood (1-Dec-2001)
  • Flagging-up improvements (1-Dec-2001)
  • Double take on jetting damage (1-Dec-2001)
  • Technically speaking (1-Dec-2001)

  • World Water

  • Sustainable, safe and economically viable (1-Dec-2001)
  • Ovoid digesters shape Fukuyama skyline (1-Dec-2001)
  • Groundwater vs. farming - meeting the needs of both (1-Dec-2001)
  • Creating the right environment for success (1-Dec-2001)
  • Big plant - cheap at the price (1-Dec-2001)
  • A quick cure for lining large diameter mains (1-Dec-2001)
  • Polish enthusiasm for new lining techniques (1-Dec-2001)