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Defra's 'stepping back' from waste letter - one year on

It has been exactly one year since Resource Minister Dan Rogerson wrote to the industry to 'regretfully' inform them that Defra would be stepping back from some of its waste policy work. But just what impact has that letter had on industry over the year? Liz Gyekye reports.

The autumn of recycling: Why science and sociology must meet

Battling negative perceptions surrounding food waste collections can prove challenging. Some members of the public view it as messy and problematic. However, Keith Riley argues that there is a solution to this problem - a new innovation that combines science with sociology. Here, he unpicks the issue.

Cash into trash: Energy recovery projects turning investors' heads

The UK waste management sector continues to present attractive opportunities for investors and a number of energy-from-waste (EfW) projects have been backed by huge investments in the past few years. Here, Alon Laniado explores what causes investors to dig deep into their pockets.

Working to move communities up and forward in Greater Manchester

A '#RubbishSelfie' campaign, a golden tag initiative and engaging with religious leaders are just some of the ways that the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority (GMWDA) is communicating with its 'hard-to-reach' communities to increase levels of recycling and prevent waste. GMWDA's Clare Standish explores further.

Unlocking AD's potential

As chief executive of the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Association (ADBA), Charlotte Morton is at the heart of a team pushing the organisation's plan to help remove the barriers to growth currently faced by the industry and to promote the benefits of AD. She speaks to Liz Gyekye about ADBA's challenges and de-carbonising farming.

Recycling: What to do to encourage the wrong behaviour?

There has been much talk of green fatigue, the stalling of the recycling rate in England and how to encourage the 'right' behaviour. Here, Paul Levett gives his top eleven tips on how to encourage the 'wrong' behaviour.

All eyes on commercial waste

Why do so few councils closely scrutinise the budgetary performance of their commercial waste service? Eunomia's Peter Jones finds out why.

Rise and fall: Why England's recycling rate is stalling

Targeted effective communication campaigns can help get recycling rates moving again. Resource Futures chair Philip Ward discusses the current barriers to recycling and how England can overcome them.

Engaging the materials supply chain to achieve TEEP recycling services

The single biggest issue on everybody's lips this year is TEEP. Dee Moloney gives TEEP guidance for local authorities.

Councils absorb waste challenges posed by flooding

After a terrible winter of floods and washouts, the weather gods have shown a little mercy and calmed down. But have you ever wondered what happens to the waste and recycling services in towns before and after floods? Liz Gyekye finds out.

Councils must enforce new licences for scrap

Following the implementation of the 2013 Scrap Metal Dealers Act, BMRA's Ian Hetherington explains how the new legislation provides the opportunity to clamp down on criminal activity if vigorously enforced.

Smallscale AD: a small revolution in the making

Overshadowed by large-scale anaerobic digestion facilities, smaller-scale projects are gaining currency among policy makers. Richard Gueterbock highlights the challenges the emerging sector faces and outlines a few projects.

Waste champion lauded as pioneering business woman

Creative director of WasteSolve Kate Cawley joins a growing band of women blazing a trail in the waste sector. Nick Warburton caught up with her

Redefining our relationship with waste

Is the waste management hierarchy an outdated concept? Phil Purnell thinks it is and argues why we need to reassess how we think of and deal with waste

Heathrow waste trial puts closed loop on the radar

A large-scale waste audit at London Heathrow Airport could change the way the aviation industry views waste. Nick Warburton reports

Taking EfW projects across the finishing line

Energy from waste offers a valuable, alternative fuel at a time when energy security is shaping the political debate. Dr Chindarat Taylor reports

Turning the resource revolution into a reality

The Resource Revolution campaign has highlighted the challenges to and the opportunities for a circular economy. Richard Belfield looks to the future

Viridor's outgoing CEO offers his waste vision

Colin Drummond retires in September. From working at the sharp end to directing the business in the boardroom, he reflects on an industry that is undergoing huge change. Interview by Nick Warburton

Westminster takes waste solution to the streets

The central London authority is unique in the challenges it faces managing its waste and recycling. Nick Warburton reports

York 'spring clean' sweep on household waste

Faced with tough decisions on its waste collection and disposal, City of York Council has increased community engagement to improve recycling, as Nick Warburton discovered on a trip to the historic city

John Woodruff urges councils to engage with AD industry

The chair of the National Association for Waste Disposal Officers talks to Stuart Spear ahead of this year's UK AD & Biogas event

Councils must get compliance right to maximise WEEE recycling

The national recycling target for WEEE will increase in the coming years, which means it is more important than ever that councils work with the right compliance schemes, argues Simon Cook

Damage limitation: how recyclers can reduce incident risks

Delivery and collection is vital but waste and recycling companies can be open to damaging claims should an incident occur off-site. Philip Bladon offers some useful advice for the sector

Kotuku provides first step on the waste ladder

The environmental labourer project equips young unemployed Londoners with basic health & safety and environmental skills and qualifications for the construction and waste management industry. Nick Warburton reports

Specialist WEEE recycler strikes gold with scrap metal

U Can Recycling extracts value from unwanted WEEE. Nick Warburton reports on a local regeneration success story

Lambeth walks towards zero waste

The south London borough has made waste prevention a priority. As Nick Warburton discovers, it's a no-brainer for the man tasked with driving the message home

Scotland's zero waste challenge set to tax councils

Scotland's zero waste regulations should create plenty of recyclable material. But, argues David Burrows, can the stretching targets be met and what will material quality be like?

Technology innovator speaks at Energy from Waste Expo

Advanced Plasma Power's chief executive Rolf Stein shares his thoughts ahead of Sustainability Live's new event. Nick Warburton reports

Hackney residents dine out on food waste

An innovative composting project that diverts food waste from landfill has fostered community cohesion, reports Stuart Spear

Scottish councils hold keys to resource efficiency

The year ahead promises radical change for Scotland's waste management industry and local authorities will be major facilitators, says Iain Gulland

Student engagement puts curb on street clutter

When a former waste officer at Birmingham City Council hit the streets of Selly Oak to listen to local students, recycling performance dramatically improved. David Cowing reports

Council food waste an undervalued resource

Many local authorities recognise the resource potential of household food waste but more support from Government is needed to sustain council projects, argues Charlotte Morton

Robots drive resource efficiency in clinical waste

A robot-operated disinfection process is diverting clinical waste from landfill, improving resource efficiency. Nick Warburton reports

Food waste debate is ripe for consumption

New research shows that public attitudes do not need to be a barrier to increasing household food waste collections. Natan Dorn reveals all

Front runners in solid recovered fuel

Stoke-on-Trent-based Brown Recycling has ambitions to become a UK market leader in solid recovered fuel. Nick Warburton visited its state-of-the-art facility to find out more

The perils of contracting out waste services

Waste authorities need to be wary of contractors offering too good a deal when outsourcing their services or it will be the tax payer who loses out in the end, argues Paul Langham

Vancouver's green ambitions

Canada's West Coast city has its sights set on becoming the world's greenest metropolis. David Gilliver reports

Shine a light on lamp recycling

With WEEE targets set to rise over coming years, Nigel Harvey urges councils to do more to promote lamp recycling

Fixing the fuzz around nanomaterials

Little is known about the potential risks posed by nanomaterials present in waste streams. Dr Steve Hankin looks at the challenges this poses in terms of disposal

Woking food waste initiative is served up to flats and schools

In a novel move to extend food waste collections to the wider society, Woking has introduced a new service to schools. Nick Warburton reports

Tower Hamlets goes underground to pioneer waste solution

The London borough installed the first underground bins in the late 1990s. Nick Warburton reports on its plans to extend collections to include mixed recycling

Bexley reaps benefits of SME recycling commitment

As one of the first councils to sign up to WRAP's business recycling and waste services commitment, Bexley has increased its income. Nick Warburton paid a visit

Oxfordshire councils drive to recycling summit

Shared working through a joint waste contract has pushed South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse DCs to the top of the recycling table, discovers Nick Warburton

WLWA influences consumer behaviour to cut food waste

West London Waste Authority takes a more holistic approach to tackling food waste issues. Nick Warburton reports

Clare Whelan: Lambeth's green campaigner

Lambeth's Conservative spokesperson on the environment, health and adult social care speaks to Nick Warburton about improving waste and recycling in the borough

Melton switches to commingled for cost savings

Responding to deep cuts while also looking to boost environmental performance, one council found that moving to commingled collections ticked all the boxes. Raman Selvon explains why

Sutton's new collection service slashes costs

Nick Warburton visits Southwest London to see how new working patterns in the council's waste and recycling service have netted £1m in savings

Keeping recovery comms in the neighbourhood

Faced with fierce budget cuts, local authority decision makers may be tempted to slash non-statutory functions like communications. But as Mandy Kelly explains, this important service can help drive up recycling

Wembley kick off: Envac's vacuum waste

Out of sight, out of mind - Stuart Spear visits the Wembley City development to see how Envac's underground vacuum waste removal has revolutionised waste collections.

Woking's WEEE collection switches on residents

Woking Borough Council's new kerbside collection service for small WEEE items has proven an instant hit with residents. Nick Warburton saw it in action

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