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Beware the legal pitfalls of bid-rigging

There are many lessons the waste sector can learn from the OFT's investigation of the construction industry cartel. Rosemary Choueka outlines the key points

Firms guilty over Legionella in water cooling system

Two companies have been found guilty of putting workers and the public at risk of exposure to waterborne Legionella bacteria.

Crime boss gets longest ever jail sentence for waste crimes

An organised crime boss has been given the longest ever prison sentence for running a massive illegal waste site.

Foul odours see waste company pay out almost £90,000

A company which caused misery for nearby residents from foul odours and dust was fined £65,000 plus £22,837 in costs by Croydon Crown Court.

Suspended prison sentence for waste offender

The owner of a company that illegally deposited and burnt waste was given a 26 week prison sentence suspended for two years on April 14 2011.

Waste company guilty of repeatedly flouting regulations

A transfer station and landfill once classified as the worst two performing sites of their kind in the country, have been found guilty of environmental pollution offences.

ExxonMobil algae ad banned

A TV ad for ExxonMobil featuring a scientist talking about researching algae as a source of biofuel cannot be screened again after a complaint to advertising watchdogs.

EA derails super dairy

William Neville, of Burges Salmon, the Bristol-based law firm laments the Environment Agency's objections to a super dairy.

Good Energy ad banned

An advertising watchdog has banned an ad by Good Energy due to the way it supplies power to the National Grid.

Litterpicker injured falling into well

A Mansfield District Council worker fell six metres down a dry well while clearing litter from a yard, magistrates heard today (January 12).

Workers exposed to deadly asbestos court hears

A property management company was fined £30,100 today after admitting a series of offences which led to workers being exposed to asbestos fibres.

Opportunity for Defra to get to grips with food labelling laws

News that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) is to take over policy decisions on food labelling, formerly the remit of the Food Standards Agency (FSA), is an opportunity for greater clarity in this area.

CRC registrations looms: manage your carbon or face the consequences

By 30 September 2010, the registration deadline for the CRC scheme will have closed and an estimated 2,800 companies that fall under the CRC 'cap and trade' regulation will probably have failed to meet the registration deadline. By: Travis Miller and Graham Margetson of www.foresitesystems.com

Local Authorities face huge liabilities from landfills

The recent findings from the Local Government Association (LGA) that Britain will run out of landfill space in less than eight years should be of grave concern to local authority finance directors as much as the recycling lobby.

By Edward Dent, Managing Director, Blackfield Land.

New laws to drive down power industry emissions

August sees the introduction of new legalisation aimed at driving down emissions in the electricity and gas industry.

New laws for local authority's selling electricity

New laws come into force later this month (August) giving powers to local authorities for selling electricity.

Court ruling on drilling 'trespass' on Mohamed al Fayed's estate

A company which drilled into land, owned by Fulham football club chairman Mohamed al Fayed, 100s of feet below the ground has escaped with only a nominal fine following court action.

New flood and water management act to hit farmers

The new Flood and Water Management Act 2010 is likely to have a significant impact on farming operations, especially on low lying land or where there is a farm reservoir or man-made lake, according to legal firm Burges Salmon.

SEPA publishes new guidance for waste oils

New guidance on the production of fuel oils from recycled waste, published today by Scotland's environment watchdog, means that fuel oils that meet the correct specification will no longer be regulated as waste.

New forestry act for Northern Ireland

An act covering commercial forestry and the protection of Northern Ireland's wooded areas has come into force in the province.

Northern Ireland to prepare water management plans

The legal foundations have been laid for the publication of water resources management plans in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland lays out biomass funding rules

Rules governing a commercial competition to fund biomass projects in Northern Ireland have been published this week.

Scotland cuts back governing bodies of national parks

The Scottish government has enacted laws to reduce the size of the governing boards of two of its national parks, arguing that large boards were useful when the parks were established as it allowed the new entitites to draw on wider expertise, but that they are now unecessarily big for the day-to-day running of established parks.

Caingorms national park extends boundaries

The Scottish Executive has passed plans to extend the boundaries of the Caingorms national park to cover parts of Perth and Kinross.

Irish to buy Welsh wind-farm

Law firm Burges Salmon has advised Irish state-owned utility ESB on its acquisition of the Mynydd y Betws wind farm project in South Wales from Welsh renewable energy company Eco2, for an undisclosed sum.

Scottish act to cover seas

The Marine (Scoltand) Act has been passed to help with the sustainable management of the seas around Scotland and to cover some elements of climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Scotland considers annual carbon targets

The Scottish Parliament has put in place the legal measuers necessary to set annual carbon budgets for the country.

Home Information Packs scrapped

The obligation to provide information on the environmental perfromance of homes when selling them has been scrapped by the new Government.

Home Energy Certificates amended

Legislation covering Energy Performance of Buildings has been amended.

Northern Ireland and Scotland revisit air quality regs

Air quality standards are being revised in Scotland and Northern Ireland to reflect amendments to European law.

Wales acts on coast and fishing

Wales has taken legal steps to iron out potential conflicts between laws designed to protect marine life and those covering fish farming.

Wales looks at air quality

Wales is taking steps to update air quality legislation.

Scotland considers aviation and shipping emissions

New rules covering greenhouse gas emissions from air and sea transport have come into force in Scotland.

Court in the act of waste recycling

Ignoring employee safety can lead to a day in court, by freelance journalist Terry Adby.

Scotland strengthens pollution prevention laws

Scottish ministers have this month created new laws aimed at tightening the rules around pollution prevention.

Navigating the Complexities of the Consenting Process

Michael Starling, principal consultant at BMT Renewables, a subsidiary of BMT Group, explains Offshore Renewable Energy Installations (OREIs).

Courts look at substances added to fuels

The European Court of Justice have looked into the legalities surrounding chemicals added to petrol and diesel fuels.

Green Schools Grapple with Cost Premium

US lawyer William P Pearce looks at whether going green is costing American schools in the long run.

Northern Ireland amends Renewables Obligation

Northern Ireland has done some fine tuning to the statutory rules covering the Renewables Obligation in the province.

Water supply regs published in Northern Ireland

Regulations covering the supply of domestic water in Northern Ireland have been passed.

Scotland mulls aviation and shipping emissions.

Scottish Ministers have made an order considering the emissions from planes and ships linked to the country.

Scotland adopts carbon accounting law

Scottish Ministers have approved new regulations covering carbon reporting and accounting in the country.

Scotland sets out rules for ETS compliance

Scotland has brought its law books in line with the latest developments of the European Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

Recommendations to Lead Registrants

New, practical recommendations are being made to try to help Lead Registrants ensure that Lead Dossiers are submitted in time.

Downstream Users can check list of intended 2010 registrations

Downstream users of chemicals now have the chance to check whether the critical chemical substances that they need are going to be registered in time.

Legal entity change now functional – policy on asset sales clarified

Changes in legal personality can now be reported to ECHA thanks to the new REACH-IT version and the new Practical Guide published today.

Renewables Obligation amended in Scotland

Amendments have been made to make the Renewables Obligation Scotland (ROS) a more effective tool to encourage clean energy generation.

Nuclear waste transport regs published

Legislation seeking to regulate the cross-border transport of nuclear waste have been published.

Law seeks to control ship-to-ship oil transfer

New regulations aim to reduce the risk of spills when oil is transferred from one tanker to another - and control them when they occur.

Royal assent for Flood and Water Management Act

An act based on lessons learned from the series of serious floods affecting Britain has been brought into effect.

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